Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman: The Murder Machine #1

Last week we got to learn what happens when Batman goes a little crazy with The Flash's powers, this week we get to learn what a crazy-ass Cyborg Batman would be like. Fun!

The Spoilers:

With the world going crazy, Cyborg retreats back to the Justice League satellite to try and figure out what's going on, along with trying to convince his father to find safety, but he seems to be staying put at STAR Labs. Just then, Batman's signal trips the satellite notification system, but oh no, it's evil Cyborg Batman. Well what's his story.

He's from a dark multiverse world where Batman's rogues killed Alfred. At Alfred's wake, Bruce gets Cyborg to help him initiate a program he created to upload Alfred's mind into an AI. Well, it goes poorly, as the Alfred program, which can materialize itself in a physical hologram or something, aims to protect Bruce at any cost, and ends up murdering all of Batman's rogues.

Cyborg tries to get Batman to shut the program down, but with Bruce desperately needing his father figure, he doesn't seem too keen to. And eventually it just turns into the Alfred protocol taking the ultimate step to protect Bruce by merging with him, getting rid of his human body, and aiming to protect the world by taking it over, steamrolling anyone who gets in his way, IE the Justice League, with Cyborg being the last to get a Mortal Kombat fatality. But sure enough, world is dying, Batman Who Laughs, present day time.

Cyborg tries to fight off Batborg, but the rest of the Batmen show up and he's no match for them, and long story short, they take over the Justice League satellite and STAR Labs, bad times ahead.

The Opinion:

What's the Marvel series where they propose weird shit, What If? I think that's right... Google is right there, but whatever. This series is like What If... shit was fucked. I didn't like this one as much as the Flash issue last week, but I still did generally enjoy it. I'm not a huge fan of Federici's art stylistically, the sort of... soft inked, colored pencil look (I have no idea how to actually describe it) has never been my favorite. I don't think the art is bad, just not my taste. Then on top of that, I just thought that the way Batman transformed in this was a little less interesting... That said, the rogue Alfred AI sure is clever.

Ultimately, while I didn't enjoy this one shot as much, it's still a must read for me, because it's part of Metal, and to me, Metal is batting 1.000 at the moment.

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