Wednesday, September 20, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #31

One more issue left in the War of Jokes and Riddles. What did Batman do that's so bad? Well... that's what final issues are for. Har har.

The Spoilers:

The Joker is on his last leg, and he's not taking it well. Cornered by Riddler's army, aided by Batman, the only question left is how is he going to keep Riddler and company out... Well, he's not, because Batman enlists Catwoman to find him in his tower, she gets shot at, and reveals that the windows aren't trapped.

Batman wants to go in quiet, but Riddler is in charge, telling the Bat that he can see the plans within plans, showing that there's quite a bit of tension in the alliance. The whole army is going in, loud... How are they going to get a bunch of super villains into the window of a high rise?

Hell yeah.

Enter kites, enter all the villains crashing into Joker's penthouse, then Riddler beats the crap out of Joker, and with him seemingly having won, he has his army turn their guns on Batman. But, as Riddler said, plans within plans, and it's a pretty Batman-like plan to have the Kite aficionado who has a bone to pick with Riddler, to rig all the kites to have a "reverse parachute" that causes rapid descent into the air, right? Well, there goes all the villains, Riddler one-punches Kite man, and when all is said and done, it's Batman, Joker, and Riddler alone in a room together, and that's when whatever Bruce is worried about happened.

The Opinion: 

Gaaaaah, this arc is one tease after another. I just want to know at this point. I want to know what Batman apparently did, I want to know what Catwoman is going to say. I'm either going to be happy or just generally annoyed, and I just want to rip that band-aid off right now. Gaaaaaaah.


  1. I'm pretty sure that Batman will laugh or make the Joker laugh.

  2. Threesome. They had a threesome. Joker got his smile back and a lovely pearl necklace.

    Sorry, sorry. Just, that bit with Selina and Bruce talking about "positions". It's too much. ¡Muy caliente!

    On a serious note, it's good to see Kite Man got a little revenge for his son.

  3. I honestly feel like this will read better in a trade. Tom King has really struggled to end issues for this storyline other than the Kite Man focused ones.