Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #30

If you thought Kite-Man was down on his luck and this would be where things turn around... no, that is not this issue, in any sense.

The Spoilers:

Batman has picked a side, and it's the Riddler. Bad news for Joker's side, because Batman is pretty good at taking each one of his allies out, and unfortunately for Kite-Man, he happens to be present every time Batman takes someone out, and gets the beating too... then reports to Joker who gets even madder.

ALSO, this entire issue is painted with narration between Kite-Man and his son, the latter of which is asking his father why his mother calls him a joke, and asking if it's true. So it's real uplifting stuff.

When all is said and done, all of Joker's allies are taken off the board, all but Kite-Man, who finally gets taken by Batman, and wakes up to an interrogation from the Riddler with Batman as the muscle. Riddler explains why they saved Kite-Man for last, because he's a joke, and despite everything Riddler has personally done, that he'd still talk when the screws are put to him. So you know, just more shitting on poor Kite-Man.

The Opinion: 

I just felt fucking bad after reading this issue. Like good god, stop, he's already dead! It almost felt like watching someone kick a puppy. I feel like it won't be this story, but eventually this whole Kite Man things is going to come around and he's just going to kill himself. Also, King has said he's got an 100 issue plan, and I'm going to go out on a limb and just say the answer is Kite-Man. That's it. Anyways... yeah, just a bummer, shit on a low level guy, type issue. The one problem I have is due to the sort of choppy nature of this arc, I don't get the logic of Riddler working with Batman, because the whole point of this conflict is who gets to kill Batman, so that's weird. I will say that one of the major improvements of this issue was the color compared to the last Kite-Man issue. Jordie Bellaire, like usual, is a fucking star. Her colors do wonders for the Manns' artwork and it doesn't have that plastic-like look the last issue featured, so thumbs up there.


  1. I feel like Batman has a bigger plan than "team up with Riddler", for one. And second, I really enjoy how Kite-Man becomes kind of a perspective character for how the war is going down from the (so far) losing side of the conflict, and from the perspective of a C or D-list villain. I don't know if it was an intentional callback (or forward) to Batman Eternal, but seeing Kite Man having a chat with Cluemaster was interesting.

  2. They already forgot that the war was about who gets to kill Batman, now they're just at each other's throats. I can see why Bruce was so distressed about telling Selina about what he did during the war of jokes and riddles now. Seeing him just be a fucking lackey, standing behind a child murderer acting as his muscle literally made me say "Jesus Christ, Bruce" out loud to myself. This arc has it's problems but it gets a little clearer every issue.

  3. Also, I predict Kite Man joining the Detective Comics team.