Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #14

And we're back... been nearly half a year since I did one of these issues? Well, that's how much I hated that new Oracle, so there you have it. Is it good to be back!? WEEEEELL...

Maybe next month?

The Spoilers:

Well, this was a one and done issue, and pretty simple one at that. Helena works at a school now, takes kids on a camping trip field trip, Dinah comes along, meanwhile Barbara does Oracle stuff from home... until she doesn't, and does some random crime fighting with Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Then on the camping trip, ghost stories about Deacon Blackfire are told, oh hey, here's Deacon Blackfire, now he gets beat.

Barbara decides to show up to camp!

The Opinion:

Uh oh, quick write up, that means one thing...

SO FIRST, it's just a one-off issue, doesn't seem too essential. I like Marico Takara's art though, so there's that. 

But the real thing that rubbed me the wrong was is that this was one of those death by a thousand cuts issues where a bunch of little shit bothered me. Why is Batman using a cellphone? Babs in her pajamas with animal hoodie doing Oracle stuff, dress for the job you want. Dinah going "OMG SHOPPING" at a gift store. Selina and Ivy going "We're going to go binge watch some TV, you in?" The issue was just full of bad details or cliches, and on top of that, it doesn't seem like any attention was paid to anyone's characterization in favor of the two new moral grey members high fiving and going to binge watch Netflix and another treating a colonial gift shop as if she's got thousands of dollars to spend at the mall.

It's just dumb... I think this was a dumb issue.

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  1. Actually, I had a REALLY good laugh at the part where Pam and Selina said they were gonna binge watch some TV, because I'm friends with a fanfic writer who once wrote a fanfic about them and Harley doing just that.