Friday, September 8, 2017

Batman: White Knight #1 Preview

Sean Murphy is so god damn good at what he does, it isn't fair.

Also, this morning on Twitter, he said Catwoman wouldn't be in this book, but he's saving her for something else, so hopefully there's more of whatever the hell he wants to do in Gotham in the future.

(Source: DC Comics)


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  2. I have one problem with it and I feel like it's a pretty big mistake. Batgirl says, "Bruce," out loud and with everyone around, how wouldn't they hear it? That isn't good at all otherwise everything else is great and I'm all in for it.

  3. No offense but how do you know the volume of her voice? She could've just been saying it to herself

    1. Someone would have heard it and even if it was a whisper, Barbara isn't dumb enough to say his name out loud around so many people.