Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing: The New Order #1

Elsewhere in the multiverse, we've got an Elsewheres story. Imagine that. Where exactly? Hard to say. Nondescript pre-New 52 continuity possibilities? Let's go with that!

The Spoilers:

Welcome to a world where there are no Superheroes no Metahumans. Why? Because Dick Grayson enacted a plan to take them all out by de-powering and controlling them. Why? To save the world.

Fast forward a number of years, and we've got Old Man Dick... ahem... in charge of a militaristic task force that keeps a registry of all metahumans, making sure they take their power dampening drugs. But, despite his age, Dick still goes into active duty, as we see him chasing down an old Dr. Light, whose been off his meds for weeks.

After the Dr. Light incident and some press inquiries, Dick returns home to his teenage son, and a surprise, Alfred cooking dinner. The two old friends catch up, we find out Alfred is the executor of Bruce's estate, but normally Alfred lives the retired life in Arizona. After Jake goes to bed, Dick and Alfred's conversation takes a turn, with Alfred first asking about Jake's mother, Dick telling him he doesn't know where she is. Then the conversation of Dick's... initiative is brought up, and you can tell it's not the first time it's come up, and Alfred tells Dick that he still cannot understand everything he's done.

Dick's actions continue to hit closer to home as when he's putting Jake to bed, he learns that Dr. Light was a friend of his' uncle. The kid told Jake that when his dad did what he did years back, a lot of people got hurt. Jake then asks if his mom got hurt, if this is why Dick isn't Nightwing anymore and if Dick regrets any of it. Dick regrets that people got hurt, but continues to push on because he believes that it's what the world needs.

Well, to cut to the chase, things get a little harrier when the next day Dick is called into Jake's school to find that Jake is exhibiting metahuman powers. Whoops.

The Opinion:

I'm not usually into elseworlds books. I like my super hero books to "matter" in terms of always pushing core continuity further and continuing to develop characters I follow. That said, while I was a little hesitant on this book to start, it hits so close to a familiar home, and being a fan of everyone involved's previous work, I gave it a fair shot and I'm real glad that I did as I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think the issue does a real good job of being a #1 issue. It sets up the premise well, but doesn't give you all the answers to why, and shows the results of point A while only giving you hints as to what happened during the time to get to point B. It had me asking all the right questions, what happened most of all, what's the status on a whole bunch of characters, who is Jake's mother, etc. All of these  answers will most likely be answered with "well, you should keep reading," and I will, because like I said, this did the first issues job and really convinced me to stick with the series.

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