Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #27

We're back into the spy game, and as with any good spy story, twists abound!

The Spoilers:

After last issue's revelations, Dick and Helena catch up with Tiger and find he's accompanied by Spyral's elite agents, a fight they can not win by nonlethal measures. Tiger gives Dick the old "I was using you for my own gains" talk as Spyral beats the duo into taking cover. Eventually, rescue comes by way of pop music, as Helena leads dick to an invisible helicopter, flown by three of Helena's former students... you know, the ones who named Dick's butt cheeks.

Back in Bludhaven, Defacer and Pigeon are doing their own thing while Mouse is up to something else in Blockbuster's casino and eventually catches up to the other two.

 Helena's former students explain that Lotti had stolen something from Spyral command and was found out, as they escaped, she told them that Spyral had gone bad but was eventually captured. Now that they've come across their old teachers, the girls convince Helena and Dick to return to St. Hardins to find Lotti.

They do so and go through a gauntlet of levels beneath the school, eventually finding Lotti who seems to be mind controlled as she activates the weapon that she had stolen, separating Dick from the group. Inside the room he gets trapped in, he finds Tiger waiting talking about how he's the uroboros that constantly rebuilds itself, asking for Dick's life and memories, it's then that Dick finds out that Tiger isn't Tiger, but a Spyral hologram, that has the real Tiger (still calling Dick and idiot) locked up and hooked up to a machine.

The Opinion:

Honestly, I don't have much to say about this issue, other than the fact that this is basically an epilogue, continuation, whatever you want to call it, for Grayson. Have I mentioned how much I love Grayson? Come to your own conclusions about how much I'm enjoying this arc based on that.

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  1. I love this story so much. You're spot-on that it feels like Grayson, which is a good thing. Also Helena sounds and acts like Helena again. Seeley's run is now rivaling Dixon's for the best solo Nightwing run.