Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #26

Helena is back, as is the tension... I guess? Sorta. Also, that's a misleading cover.

The Spoilers:

After attending the funeral of Giz, Dick is left questioning his life decisions and who he surrounds himself with... Speaking of questionable relationships, here's Huntress! Helena is aware of Dick's current life situation, and sees an opportunity. Helena is out for those who had connections to her family's demise, Dick is out for the Second Hand who was responsible for Giz's death. Intel says they're both after the same person at the moment, and despite Dick knowing Helena's exploiting his vulnerabilities, he goes along with it.

Elsewhere, Pigeon tries to get Shawn back into some hoodlum shit, but she says no... and just to get it out of the way, by the end she decides to say to hell with the system and goes back to being Defacer anyways.

In Italy, Dick and Helena find a mob boss who uses the assassin they're after, and Helena gets his address out of the guy with a little knife to the throat threatening. Long story short, the guy they're after is dead, Helena finds a hidden thumb drive and it's a report... to Spyral... from Agent 19... their guy. Turns out the Second Hand is Spyral, and Tiger has lured both Dick and Helena into a trap of sorts.

The Opinion:

The pattern holds true... the arcs Javier Fernandez draws are infinitely more interesting to me than the others. It's whenever Dick leaves Bludhaven that I'm having the most fun with this book. As you can probably guess, I'm a big fan of brining Helena (I hope she's more of a regular in here), Grayson and Spyral elements  back into the fold. Big fan of that. There were a few things I didn't really like... I kind of got lost on how we got to this Dracul assassin guy. Helena just vaguely brings him up and all the sudden he's the one who killed Giz? Maybe? I need to go back. Then Shawn's off page turn of heart was a little more tell than show, but there are only so many pages, so I can probably give that one a pass, as it wasn't exactly A plot stuff. 

But yeah... Get Dick out of Bludhaven and this book gets way better. Maybe it's just the characters in Bludhaven... I just don't find them nearly as interesting. 

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