Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #963

SO. The last time I read one of these issues, boy did I hate it. This time around. Not so much. Thank god.

The Spoilers:

Stephanie is helping Anarky do some stuff, steal some medicine, operate in Monster Town. She's a little annoyed that she's being left in the dark. But Anarky promises answers in due time.

Elsewhere, Clayface is out on a mission for Batman and Dr. October to retrieve some mutatated creatures that resulted from the corpses of the Monsters left over after the crossover. He was forced to stay in his Clayface form a long amount of time and that concerns him due to his degrading moral sector of his brain. But October feels it necessary to test his boundaries so she can chart his health and possibly figure out a cure. Batman gets a notification and excuses himself.

That's because Batman is keeping an eye on Stephanie and Anarky. Anarky finally gives Steph a little info and long story short he's trying to build a free utopia with people in the old Gotham tunnels.

That's about it. 


The Opinion:

So, the big difference between this and the last Spoiler issue is that this issue didn't have Stephanie being annoyingly sanctimonious. She wasn't spitting her moral nonsense like the last time, instead she was just working. I honestly didn't feel any resentment towards this issue. It was just pretty straight forward, and with the b-story with Clayface, it was a lot more tolerable as a single issue. The only problem I had with it was there was no hint of conflict to carry it to the second issue of the story. There was the text at the bottom of the last page that I guess means the monster creatures are going to come into play, but as for it just ending on the little Anarky town, not a great cliff hanger. 


  1. Kind of a filler issue. I couldn't care less about most of what was going on and feel Tim can and should do better than ever being with Stephanie.

  2. I came into this thinking it would be another one of Steph's "I know everything, forget Batman" rants, but this was different. I liked how she was "working," like you said, and Tynion did a good job giving Anarky some evidence to support his claim (This version seems a bit more agreeable). Also, the side plot with Clayface and Dr. October was cool and a nice story. Intrigued for the next issue.