Wednesday, August 9, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #962

For those looking for their 90s long term hit, always remember the first hit is free (well in this case, $2.99), and good things don't last.

The Spoilers:

So, what's the best way to deal with a crazy guy with a zealot crazy AI in his head? Implant another AI based on another type of zealot into his head and hope for the best!

So, that's what they do, and with Batman's AI duking it out with Ascalon in JPV's head, he goes into battle at the Belfry. JPV takes a pretty bad beating and his furry friend whose name is slipping from me ends up getting killed, but not before telling JPV that the man who created Ascalon was his father.

So with Ascalon winning, how do the heroes beat it? By using the walking deus ex machnia herself, Zatanna! (That sounded mean, sorry.) She tempts Ascalon, who thirsts for knowledge, with her glowing orb thing, and hands it over to him. As he sees everything now, he has a change of heart of sorts, and for some reason the human version of him that we saw in JPV's visions becomes a real boy? So now that Ascalon has felt love, he's totally cool now? I guess? So he and human kid version of himself decide to leave for parts unknown, but not before telling Bruce that Tim Drake is alive.

In the aftermath, Batman and JPV talk a bit, JPV wants his old suit back, Batman yet again feels like there's something more going on because if anyone was going to trick him into thinking Tim was actually gone, then they must be for real.

Elsewhere, Ra's meats with JPV Sr. who thinks Ra's is the puppet master and wants in on his plans after all he's done. Ra's surprisingly tells him that he's not at the top of the ladder but it's time he found out who their mutual benefactor is.

The Opinion: 

I liked the wrap up of this arc, but for a few things. What happened to Ascalon... it's barely more of a justification that Zatanna solutions tend to get. The problem with Zatanna is that in action, she's hard to write because she's so powerful, it's hard for her to be portrayed creatively. So it's either she's solving the shit out of things with ease, or she's being taken out of action real easily. Here, instead of Zatanna just saying "Change of heart" backwards, she just hands over an item and that happens, then Ascalon is cool and... bye? Yeah, I don't know about that. Not all that satisfying. Then on the tail end, I feel like I've seen Batman and now Ra's go "THERE'S SO MUCH MORE GOING ON" like a million times in this book, but each time there isn't really anything added on to make the hints more intriguing.

Two minor gripes aside, I enjoyed this arc more than I expected and the art was fantastic, I've I've said pretty much every issue... now we get more shitty moral heel turn Stephanie... for TWO issues this time. Joooooooooooooy.


  1. A cool conclusion. I kind of agree on the issues, but it's still enjoyable.
    Also, I skimmed the last Batgirl and TBOP. Oracle and Calculator are gone, and Ivy and Catwoman are in. Just FYI.

    1. Yeah, Ivy joining the team was great, but Gus LITERALLY being put on the bus made my f'ing day.

    2. Yeah I've continued to read, just refuse to write it up. May change next month.

    3. If they got rid of the whole super-fan aspect of Gus, he would have made a pretty interesting character based on his revealed back story and disability.

  2. So I guess the ending was the Ras Al Ghul storyline that Zatanna teased a couple of issues ago.

    1. Ra's has been in the tease game for a while now, since the League of Shadows arc.

  3. One thing I noticed was that they teased the Bruce/Zatanna relationship may still have a story later. The whole Ascalon feeling love, and I could have just read it wrong, was that the glowing orb thing was picking up on Zatanna's still being in love with Bruce which was kind of an underlying theme, she more or less mentions it in every issue. If we have to have Soap Opera, which a little doesn't hurt, then I would rather see these two together than him and Catwoman.