Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman #6

So I skipped out on the last issue, here's a quick wrap up on that: More backstory to the island arc that I found to be pretty vanilla. Safe to say, this is back to some good shit, and not what I was expecting at all.

The Spoilers:

Sometime in the future, it's "Year Five" in the reign of the Bat. Kate Kane and a worn down Jason Todd stand at the helm of a Colony ship floating outside the city. Things have changed, Bruce Wayne is dead and the Batman that took his place has held Gotham under a militaristic rule for years. Kate feels responsible for the city's state and putting the new Batman into place.

Kate starts a solo mission into the old part of the city where the GCPD, lead by Commissioner Montoya, still operates in an uneasy truce with the Batman. Kate and  Renee reunite and share a moment, but are found out by the Batman's soldiers, and a fire fight breaks out, leaving Renee shot and killed.

Returning to her ship, Kate promises to Renee that she'll kill Batman, claiming both her and Tim Drake will pay for what they've done to the city.

Fall of the Batmen coming to Detective Comics in November! Heyoooo!

The Opinion: 

So that's not how I pictured that tease going when this book began. The idea that Kate goes "evil" and joins her father's organization wasn't very interesting to me, but all this, it changes things quite a bit. Sure, this falls into the territory of "future story, does this really matter?" because over in Batman Beyond, which is supposed to be canonical now, Bruce is alive and well, with Terry fighting Damian who is the new Ra's... then there's the Snyder future Batman stuff, the list goes on. Regardless, I appreciate the subversion of expectations, so well played Batwoman.

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  1. I get the feeling this is going to be one of those stories where someone travels to the past to alter the future. In this case, future Kate trying to kill Tim or the colony.