Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #13

Batman vs. Nemesis. You know... not that "Batman, but a cunt" character partly created by Mark Millar. You know, that writer who lately has worked with everyone Scott Snyder has worked with? Hey man, you thought it, not me. Am I making baseless assumptions and correlations? You bet'cha.

The Spoilers:

So there's a lot of thematic stuff, and you know me, I don't like having to write that shit up verbatim. But a lot of it is about Bruce and Alfred's relation, and how Alfred once again wishes Bruce would give Batman up, thinking that without him, one way or another, Bruce may finally end this. A theory Alfred tests when he and Bruce are falling from the sky, while Alfred knows the cape wasn't meant to carry two, urging Bruce to let him go in order to save himself, but ultimately Batman does Batman shit and finds a way, leading to Alfred letting go and letting himself be saved. Sort of grim when you think of it. 

Then we've got the backstory between Briar and Alfred, as we learn that Briar has trained many men to be Nemesis, including his own son, but they've all fallen, and when they do, always want to go back home to their parents. Briar, who has come to see Alfred as a son, and Alfred sees a father, figures the best thing to do is to distance themselves in some paternal "you don't need a father" to be the best Nemesis logic that I don't' understand.

All things add to Bruce eventually catching up to the Black and Whites, only to find Nemesis and Briar got to them first and are now in possession of the Genesis Engine, as well as an incapacitated Bruce. Briar calls Alfred to tell him to leave them be, as his new Nemesis isn't perfect, but with Bruce and the Genesis Engine, he will be, but if Alfred tries to do anything, he'll make sure Bruce's end is painful.

Alfred eventually agrees to leave them alone in order to save Bruce, but just as Bruce brought him back into the storm that is their relationship and how it handles the Bat, Alfred walks back into the storm, into Briar's compound, loaded to the teeth with assault gear.

OH! Also, Briar went off to kill Alfred's father when he left in the past... again, that logic I don't quite understand. 

The Opinion:

Without being intentional, I see a bleak relation with this book to Tom King's Batman. In Batman, we get Batman's less than sunny disposition on being Batman, and in here we get Alfred's equally bummer of a disposition towards Bruce being Batman. They compliment eachother in a weird way, and though I hate to describe them in these posts, I did enjoy the thematic ties between Alfred's time in the Nemesis program to the current relationship he has with Bruce and Alfred. This arc reminds me a lot of the first Two-Face arc, and with that being one of the only two other arcs, and my favorite of the two, I'd say the comparison is a decent compliment.


  1. I thought the Court of Owls killed Jarvis Pennyworth. Otherwise, this is an interesting look into Alfred's past.

    1. It is Snyder. He'll tie the two in somehow

    2. I think Alfred found Briar's plans to kill Jarvis, not necessarily that Briar had been successful yet. Sorry, didn't make that too clear.