Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #24

Hey, a really action oriented issue! Less for me to write about! Wooo!

The Spoilers:

Basically, Dick has to run a gauntlet of all the villains Tiger Shark has, with Giz of the Run-Offs as his Oracle-like support. Meanwhile, Shawn's former "mentor" Pigeon has come to stay with her on an invite.

When Dick deals with the last of the villains, he's confronted by Blockbuster again, who is still playing everybody, even Dick. See, Blockbuster doesn't like outsiders trying to fix Bludhaven, so he's got a bomb in the sub that he knows Dick is going to try and defuse, while he escapes.

Then it goes off, oh no!

The Opinion: 

Obviously, Dick didn't die. So... hooray for another cliffhanger that isn't actually suspenseful at all! But I'm just jaded. Like I said at the top, high action issue, and it was pretty fun. But not much else to it, other than that gauntlet that got run.

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