Wednesday, July 12, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #960

Robots with crises of faith. Comics!

The Spoilers:

In the past, a young Zatanna tells Bruce of an item that can allow him to see his entire future, and in the present, with memories once erased now restored, Bruce wants Zatanna to show him said item, with all the shit that's coming Batman's way. Zatanna does her best to scare Bruce off, but he's pretty headstrong.

Meanwhile, Ascalon has returned tot he Order of St. Dumas where he reports seeing Azrael which he thinks is himself, and is confused by it. The lone Order member gives him permission to find the answers he seeks, and when Ascalon is gone, that order member comments to himself that it's time for Jean-Paul to come home.

Back in the Belfry, Jean-Paul is called by Luke to bring his suit to Foxtech, which isn't a great idea, because the hallucination he's having is really keen on Jean-Paul putting the suit back on. Elsewhere, Zatanna shows Bruce the Gnosis Sphere, the item created by the greek gods, which her family has been charged to protect as indulging in its visions can threaten the user's life. Nevertheless, between League of Shadows, Ra's making moves, and Metal, Bruce wants to know what's coming.

At Foxtech, Luke is having Kate assist him running Ascalon's AI through his Batwing suits, but Ascalon shows up and takes over the suits, so that's bad... then Azrael shows up and he's gone full on crazy again, so that's probably real bad too.

The Opinion: 

I want Alvaro Martinez to draw a Zatanna book right now, but I also want him to stay on here, because he's real good. I want lots of things. I don't know what it is about this arc, but Martinez, Fernandez and Anderson have blown it out of the water. It just looks so fucking good. I like the idea of a crazy religious robot, that's grown on me. I also like how everything seems to be coming to ahead. This first year (plus) of the title seems to all be building to a big crescendo, so I'm real curious to see where it goes from here. 

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  1. "Prepare for Evangelization."
    And that, kids, is why you don't' link up a religious robot with your suits.
    Got to give Martinez chops, though. His art is SO good!