Wednesday, July 12, 2017

SPOILERS: Dark Days: The Casting #1

It has been a long, long time since I've been this excited about the DC Universe as a whole. Blackest Night, maybe? Yeah, it's been awhile. 

The Spoilers:

Like last time, I'm just going to do quick summaries of each plot.

Hawkman is a regular detective of time. We see him and Hawkgirl meet with the Immortals way before the modern day DC Universe, discussing what they know to be coming. We're talking people like the Wizard Shazam, Ra's Al Ghul, Mary Seward, yes I, Vampire Mary Seward. Shazam's got a dagger that apparently leads into the darkness or something. All in all, these journals are all Carter's and he's set them to release if things get real fucked, and they have.

Meanwhile, Bruce is still traveling the world in search of answers, he looks to Hephaestus' forge, but Wonder Woman arrives to tell him that the Gods have abandoned earth, in preparation of a war that is coming. She delivers a blade of light to Bruce that she had a vision about. Later, Bruce trades that blade to Talia al'Ghul at an old burn out Cadmus lab, for Shazam's blade, in hopes that it would protect her and that if need be, he could call in a favor.

Let's go back to the Cave. Joker knows a lot about what's going on, but as always, incredibly unreliable. It all happened after Death in the Family, where he fell into the dionesium. In the cave he was healed in, he found some Bat shaped markings, similar to those from Return of Bruce Wayne and he followed the trail from the Court of Owls to Crazy Quilt. And here we are. There's a lot of crazy shit to cover, but let's just get to the big part, this metal, it's from that dark universe, right? Well, the metal is also in people, and the doctors who found this out? They needed an abbreviation for it, and that was: meta. Metahumans. Every metahuman in the DC Universe is connected to this metal from the dark-multiverse. That is how they have their powers. Joker describes Duke as the Signal (which very well may end up being his name) Batman needed to figure it out and off Joker goes to destroy that machine Bruce made to replicate himself, because that's a key to it all, Bruce returns, Hal and Duke look away, Joker escapes. Stuff continues to happen, Duke's powers get activated to sort of still see the device there along with all the other metal artifacts Bruce has collected. Bruce uses the blade he got to look in and see's a whole bunch of darkness.

In the fucking lava pits below Gotham, a bunch of real evil hooded figures under what looks to be Barbatos summon a portal over the bat's wings and oh boy, he's the invasion from the Dark Multiverse of a bunch of different Batman looking guys.

The Opinion: 

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