Friday, July 21, 2017

Batman and The Signal Announced at SDCC

Worst kept secret for a few months now is that Duke Thomas was going to get his own book. Hell, I didn't even bother teasing it because Snyder was out there saying it flat out.

Nevertheless, it was announced today at SDCC. Duke's codename has finally been chosen, and it's The Signal, not Lark, thank god. DC writers workshop alumni Tony Patrick will be writing it, with Scott Snyder assisting. No artist is attached as of yet.

Not sure what to think yet. There's still a good deal to be explained about Duke and the way he fits into everything, but I'll check it out. I do think that Batman: The Signal is kind of a clunky name, especially when it's not Batman's book, or so you'd think.

Expect daylight.


  1. "The Signal" is not any better than "Lark". And while I don't mind Duke, I prefer Harper, or even New 52 Carrie Kelley.

  2. I like Duke but I have to say, I've never been fond of the "Gotham's hero by day" idea. They tried that for awhile with Jason Bard and it didn't really work. If he's just fighting the same people Batman fights except during daytime it's a meaningless distinction - who cares whether the backgrounds are light or dark? And if it's different people entirely that's weird.

    I dunno. Probably will try it out because I do like Duke but Gotham is getting really crowded lately.

  3. Catalog listing for this says it's a three-issue mini.