Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #23

Maybe new Blockbuster isn't such a bad guy after all?

The Spoilers: 

Dick hears out new Blockbuster's story about how he wants to do right by his brother and his city, and get Tiger Shark's weapons off the street. Dick gets a list of supposedly crooked cops that are helping Tiger Shark and brings it to the Commissioner of Bludhaven, who still doesn't like Dick and doesn't give a shiiiiiiit about his list.

The next day Dick meets with Shawn, tells her he didn't go to his interview, they have a serious adult person talk, Dick thinks Shawn still has the anger in her that made her become a criminal and ultimately worried that if they had a kid, the kid would inherit using the anger for destruction, where he channeled his anger for good. I don't know, mopey stuff. Dick has to leave, Shawn gets a call from her criminal mentor in Blackgate.

Dick investigates crooked cops going for an ocean drop, gets picked up by Skyhook and dropped into a villains convention with Tiger Shark and Blockbuster saying that their weapons are for killing super heroes and here's a superhero to demonstrate. 

The Opinion: 

So, that last scene was definitely a whose who of characters I barely recognize. Got like half of them and had to look up the rest. But anyways, I feel like this book is doing a formula where there are some weird sort of crazy arcs, followed by an "at home" arc, then there's another crazy arc, because these last two arcs with Bludhaven, that have been sandwiched between Raptor, Dr. Hurt and coming up Spyral, have just been pretty okay with me. They definitely don't stand out as much as the arcs that Javier Fernandez draws. I wonder if weird followed by grounded, then weird again is the formula or it's just coincidence. Anyways, while this arc isn't grabbing me that much, I do appreciate the weird pulls from he DCU Tim Seeley made. Next issue having Nightwing face off agains the likes of everyone from Kid Amazo to Magog should be entertaining. I will say that the romance plot seems to be heading downwards (if Batgirl solicits are anything to go by, which I'm not going to say is something I'd prefer) and that's melodrama I feel like I could live without, so we'll see. 

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