Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #22

Can't have a proper Nightwing book without blockbuster, can we?

The Spoilers:

Things have settled down somewhat in Bludhaven, but as usual, it's the calm before the storm. But hey, here's Roland. Fresh out of Blackgate, taking weird looking drugs, and getting a job as floor security in a new casino.

Meanwhile, Dick is tyrying breaks up a gang fight where one gang has experimental weapons from a guy named Second Hand and after that, he's still trying to find himself still and has sexy times with his girlfriend. That's about it.

Elsewhere, Roland catches a guy counting cards and brings him to the casino. Turns out it's Tiger Shark, that guy dead. Tiger Shark likes Roland's style, Tiger Shark is in league with Second Hand, Tiger shark wants Roland to find and take out Nightwing.

Hey, here's Nightwing, here's Blockbuster attacking him. Dick thinks it's going to be an easy fight since Blockbuster ain't smart... nope. Turns out this isn't the Blockbuster he knows, it's Roland, Blockbuster's brother and he has an opportunity for Nightwing, most likely to work against Tiger Shark for some reason.

The Opinion: 

I don't know why, but it feels like it has been a while between issues. Maybe that fifth week screwed up my internal clock more than I thought. Anyways, I wasn't huge on this issue. Sets up the arc with Tiger Shark, whoever Second Hand is and Blockbuster, but it was pretty light on Dick Grayson. He's still trying to find himself and my primary thought towards that is "Still?" But yeah, not a stand out issue, will wait to see where it goes, I guess.

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