Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #959

There's magic, giant robots, fur ball people, demon premonitions of some sort, and even holographic Tim Drake. This issue has it all!

The Spoilers: 

Hey look, Zatanna and Bruce were friends as teenagers during the time Bruce sought training from her father. Rebirth continuity is back!

In the present, there's still the giant robot they need to deal with, but back up comes in the form of the... Detective Comics team... they should have a name. Anyways, Azrael gets a bit freaked out by the robot and the robot gets a bit freaked out by Azrael, confused, it retreats to "learn" more. 

From there, the team splits up. Cass and Clayface stay in the Belfry with that Dr. October, I think that's her name, the one from the Batwoman prelude, and the fuzz ball. There's some hints that Clayface may want her to look into his "condition." Luke takes Kate to Foxtech, where Jim Gordon's Batman suit is his robotic assistant and all sorts of AI research is going on. 

Meanwhile, Bruce speaks with Zatanna privately about certain possibilities they spoke about long ago. Zatanna seems shocked Bruce now remembers those conversations and tells him he does't what he'd be giving up to do that. But showing her an image of Tim, he tells her she doesn't know what he's lost already and what he's willing to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Finally, Azrael, having his faith shaken by that robot or whatever, is meditating in order to communicate with what looks to be the demonic sentient form of his suit of sorrows or something? Yeah, real weird, but boy does that last page look amazing. 

The Opinion: 

Seriously, that last page was a stunner. This art team is really hitting their stride, and at this point, I prefer them over the Barrows team, by a mile. And Zatanna... man does she look great in here too. I now really would like to see a Zatanna book again. Missed her, especially when she was pretty poorly utilized in the entirety of JLD during the New 52. So far, this arc is turning out to be a lot more than I expected. I mentioned last issue how this arc's teaser was the one that interested me the least, but it is proving to be so much more. Lots of good little (and big) subplots, the art is fantastic, and it has made me forget all about that Spoiler issue I absolutely hated a month back, so thumbs up!


  1. Nice issue. Seeing Gorbat is funny.
    GS, who is your fav character in this book? If there could be a story of your choice in here, what would it be?

    1. I think James Tynion has done a great job at making me interested in Clayface.

  2. I was happy to see Rookie again, good to see its getting some use. Cass/Clay is a great friendship. I don't really care much for the tech twist to the Azrael stuff in this continuity, but the character interactions are compelling enough to stay with the book. Bruce/Zee is great, even if he's engaged(?) and it can't blossom. At least he didn't forget Tim.

  3. I'm just going to call the team Batman Incorporated. I know that hasn't been a thing for awhile, but it's better than just calling them the Bat-Family. At least this way, Dick, Barbara, and Damian can still feel included.