Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #958

Who wants genocidal religious cult robots? Anyone? Anyone?

The Spoilers: 

Luke, Jean-Paul and Kate are all out at a basketball game, when JPV's furry friend Nomoz comes stumbling in after being attacked. The trio blackout the game and get Nomoz to the Belfry.

Meanwhile, Bruce is still on his magic, and goes to meet Zatanna. Unfortunately, Zatanna has a gig, so Bruce Wayne has to indulge his old "friend" Oswald Cobblepot at the iceberg lounge to meet with her.

Back at the Belfry, JPV recaps his modern origin, Nomoz tells them of the Order of St. Dumas going rogue and purging their nonbelievers with an AI that doesn't waver like a human, called Achlon (I think?).

Speaking of Achlon, he shows up to the card game Penguin roped Bruce into because an Order of St. Dumas member who knows his time is short is trying to live up his last few days in indulgence. Bruce is then saved by Zatanna who makes the robot heavy and he sinks down a few floors. 

The Opinion: 

I mentioned when this first was teased in issue #950, that this was the storyline that probably least interested me, but that being said, I don't think Zatanna was teased with it, and I really like her, so points towards its favor, I guess. Outside of that, I just think this was a refreshing return to form. Good team interaction all around, nice little moments with all of them, and a hit the ground sort of running opening. I don't know, I feel like the last arc just never set a good "why is any of this happening?" and then that Steph issue just did nothing for me. The art was fantastic. James Tynion and Editor Chris Conroy have been hyping up the art team's work on this arc and it shows. Martinez and Fernandez's work has been getting better with each entry, and Brad Anderson's coloring has always been great, so it's a cherry on top as far as I'm concerned. 


  1. Nice opening. I agree, I wasn't too into this arc when it was first teased, but this issue really got me into it. I loved the Clayface/Cass moment, and how the two plots over wove into each other. Also, just because this book has a lot of heel-turns, but does anybody think Ascalon is going to take over Azrael's A.I?

  2. I'm a bit "meh" on the actual storyline here, but I love a lot of the character bits, like Cass and Clayface doing The Tempest and Bruce and Penguin interacting. Also, forget Zatanna, Tynion brought back Kirby's Funky Flashman!