Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SPOILERS: Dark Days: The Forge #1

Okay, man, there's a lot in this issue. So I'm just sort of going to run down what happens in a list, because... continuity is back, son!

The Spoilers: 

Hawkman's a thing! Throughout his lives he's always got a glimpse of this big thing involving him coming, but never knows what. And now that shit's coming! See: the cover of this issue. 

Batman! He's got a black site that's being destroyed, he rescues a scientist who found something in metal, dark matter, I don't know. He and Aquaman save the day (and data), while being observed by the Blackhawks. Fun fact! The art was changed from a traditional looking Lady Blackhawk (like in Birds of Prey of years past) to the weird ops suits seen in All-Star Batman. 

On Mogo, Ganthet tells Hal Jordan there's some shit that he has to go on a special mission for, and the coordinates are Wayne Manor. Hal finds Duke Thomas guarding the cave. Duke is on strict orders to not let anyone in, but Hal doesn't really give a shit about the new guy, and they both find a secret cave within the cave. 

Immortal Men! And the Immortal Man! That's going to be a book. Turns out Duke's mother has some relation to them, and that's probably going to be a thing... Yeah, he's got a book coming. I think that got out there today. 

Batman gets Mr. Terrific to take a look at what he's trying to figure out, turns out Mr. Terrific was off universe for Batman doing research. They are still confused, for some reason they need Plastic Man, who Bruce has been keeping in containment due to his instability. 

Back in the cave, Duke and Hal hear a voice that guides them deeper, talking about all sorts of metals and the mystery around them. It started with the Court of Owls and the metal that brought the Talons back to life, and it turns out that metal shares properties with some of the most powerful artifacts in the DCU, Doctor Fate's helm, Aquaman's trident, Wonder Woman's braces. Oh, there's also Dionesium, which Batman and a certain other person is very familiar with... at this point Duke has an idea of who is talking to them. Also, The Outsiders! They're a thing. They're a black ops team Batman kept secret from everybody, doing work on this stuff... they'll be in Detective Comics later. 

Hawkman still a thing.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Bruce is still doing research and asks Clark to give him access to a room he'd requested to be hidden, in which no one would look, not even Superman. Clark agrees, but they don't have the key, it was thrown into the sun, that's where Mr. Miracle comes in. Once he unlocks the door, he comes back out and says "Oh fuck this" and bails. Turns out Batman's had the fucking Anti-Monitor Tower under lock and key, and he starts to boot it up.

Finally, yep, here's the Joker. As always, he knows a lot of what's going on, and he tells Duke and Hal that they're all part of Batman's puzzle. 

The Opinion: 

This book was fucking crazy and I love it. I've always said how much I want the DCU to feel like it's a thing again. This and the Rebirth issue are pretty much the exact opposite of the New 52 in terms of shared universe. It just brings all sorts of crazy DC shit together and boy does it get me excited, for what's been described to me as a Crisis-scale (minus the continuity reset) event. 


  1. Honestly, I just thought the issue was fine and it didn't hook me. The Outsiders being back was awesome, but I just didn't think it was this great launching point for the event. I wish I liked it more, but I just didn't.

  2. Bruce has the most potentially destructive science experiments. Lex Luthor would shudder.