Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #25

There's a war between Jokes and Riddles... Joker is on team jokes and Riddler is on team riddles... just incase that wasn't clear.

The Spoilers:

So there's a lot of build up in this issue, so I'll just skip to the point: It's post Year-One, and both Joker and Riddler are depressed. Joker finds nothing funny because everything is too predictable, Batman always wins. Riddler has come to terms that he can't solve Batman, solve being kill him. So, after some stuff goes down, Riddler approaches Joker, proposing since either of them taking out Batman leaves the other without a sense of purpose, they instead work together... Joker on the other hand shoots Riddler in the gut and leaves him for dead. Batman finds him, having been shot at point blank with a .45, and figures Riddler is dead, go after Joker prevent anymore casualties. 

Turns out Riddler ain't dead, and what followed was the War of Jokes and Riddlers. Bruce is telling this all to Selina present day, as his form of shitty pillow talk. He's telling it to her because he wants her to know what he did, what he had to do, before she gets into any of what he literally proposed.

The Opinion: 

If I had to deduct points from this issue, it'd be that there's just so much set up, and especially for the extra size issue,  a lot of real estate is used for the set up. That said, I loved the concept. I love the idea of Riddler and Joker both basically being depressed, and then in true comic book form, things go down the shitter from there. Of course, this issue was complimented by the glorious return of Mikel Janin, though I think some of June Chung's work on the brighter day light pages just looked odd to me. 

Cool set up, takes awhile, but it gets there. I'm real curious to see where this arc goes.


  1. I love this concept as well, a Joker in a slump, a Riddler desperate not to be upstaged. My favorite bit is Joker not even finding shooting Riddler funny. Too cheap a joke for him.

    But I can't help think Bruce is telling Selina all this post-coitus when all she wanted to know is if he was going to take a shower first or if she could.

  2. Oh God, I hope the arc ends with Bruce finishing his story and then looking over and finding out Selina fell asleep halfway through it. XD