Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #11

No kidding, the scene where Bruce gets pulled out of the water might be my favorite Batman scene Scott Snyder has ever written.

The Spoilers: 

The cloning machine from Detective Comics #27... That's what this is all about, jeez. That's what Bruce wants the genesis engine for. So he has a to make a get away from the ship he was in, but Alfred isn't close enough so he has to jump in alligator infested waters and ends up getting rescued by some unseen force.

Turns out that unseen force wast he Black and Whites, Penguin, Black Mask and Great White, and they know they've pulled and uncostumed Batman out of the water... Only that they think it's Batman, pretending to be Hush, who is pretending to be Bruce Wayne, and Batman's Bruce Wayne isn't up to their standards, and hooooooooly shit, that's amazing. Anyways, they've got some info on Tiger Shark's location, big week for him, turns out he's got the engine and someone scary is after it, they just don't know who.

So now we find Batman in a submarine, the bad guy on the cover getting the best of him and the engine, then leaving it to explode/sink to the bottom of the sea.

AND then we go back to Alfred, who had some issues with his father who was always in Gotham, and there's some similarities between his story and Bruce, then at the end he gets "recruited" at gunpoint by some MI5 guy named Briar asking Alfred if he wants to be a "Dark Knight" of England or something. Then you probably guessed it, but Briar is also the bad guy on the cover's handler, and of course Alfred sees him... Also, forgot this, but Hush seemed to be pretty aware of everything involving Alfred. 

The Opinion: 

So this issue does a good job of teasing juuuuuuuust enough, by not giving you the full payoff. I really am curious to see what happened in Alfred's life and how it relates to the present day story. Find it kind of curious that Briar seems to be acting as an Alfred like character for whatever the bad dude's name is. 

But holy shit, that scene with Penguin and friends totally overthinking it and "Batman" defending his Bruce Wayne impersonation. Laughed a solid couple of minutes at that. So good. 


  1. Any news on what happen to the backup?

    1. If you're referring to not being in the post, because I'm not bothering with writing up those, if you're talking about the comixology problem, I read the back up in the web viewer, but I haven't tried redownloading it to my app yet.

    2. I was talking comiXology ok thanks it's on the app now

  2. Heh, I love Penguin and his group's critique of Batman's "impression" of Bruce Wayne. Thing is, because Hush was already impersonating Bruce, it's easy to assume this other Bruce is also somebody in disguise. So Hush kind of covered Bruce's identity.