Friday, June 16, 2017

Dark Nights: Metal Tie-Ins Coming in September

And this was the last thing I was waiting to be announced, although, the way I heard it way back, it almost seemed like it was going to be like Villains Month or something, which the whole line going heavy metal album cover with armor and shit. I guess what we're getting is a little easier on the wallet.

SO, what are we getting? Starting in September and going through November, various titles including Teen Titans, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, The Flash and more will have special one off issues featuring their characters fending off threats from the Dark Multiverse. Most issues will be written by their usual writers, but will have special guest artists... and all I know is Stejpan Sejic drew that top piece and that's a team book I desperately need.

Also, it's worth noting, Scott Snyder let a few things slip in Metal related interviews. Duke is getting his own book soon, it'll be written by someone new that Snyder either taught or came up through the DC writers program, I forget which. Also, The Outsiders will eventually make their way into Detective Comics at some point. News!

(Source: Bleeding Cool)


  1. Looks entertaining. I definitely favor tie-ins where it seems like it was optional - the mandatory tie-ins often have very little tie-in or seem half-hearted (which they probably were).

    Side note: Big fan of the fact that, unlike half of the comic news sites, you cite your source(s).

  2. This looks cool. Like Secret Empire, Metal feels like a really good upcoming event.

    1. You mean UNlike Secret Empire, Metal feels like a really good event.