Wednesday, May 3, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #20

A lot of what ifs mixed with some heavy foreshadowing.

The Spoilers:

Nightwing is stuck in the hellish vision brought on my Dr. Hurt and his blade of mysterious universal origins, and seeing the potential world where he becomes Deathwing after the death of Damian, and five years later he's bringing the murder to Pyg. While Dick is tripping evil balls, Shawn is comforting Deathwing, who almost kills himself for the things he's done, but holds back.

In Dick's vision, he is met by a new version of Nightwing, who ends up being Damian. His former protege ends up talking him off the ledge and back into consciousness where he makes a stand against Hurt. Shawn and Deathwing end up there too, and while Deathwing and Hurt stab each other, Shawn points out that Damian is still alive. With his plans botched, Hurt makes his final point: He's evil incarnate and he's scared of what he saw when he was filled with poison and buried underground. But, as evil lairs do, it starts crumbling, making Dick, Shawn and Damian take their exit as it collapses onto of Hurt and Deathwing, in a conveniently Nightwing shaped crater. 

Back in Bludhaven, turns out Shawn isn't pregnant, and she needs some space, which is fine with Dick. He sees Damian off and mentions that he had originally wanted to remain partners after Bruce returned, thinking it would be better for Damian. He didn't go through with it thinking he was too young and wouldn't be ready, but now, he felt as if he was ready, but isn't going to be a dad. Sad. Anyways, he and Damian go off to fight some nondescript crime, and Damian once again mentions: they're still the best (truth).

The Opinion: 

So yeah, little bummed about the negative test. Like I said in the preview post, not surprised, but I was hoping for something a little more substantial than the two obvious "she isn't pregnant" or "she's pregnant and bad shit happens" ways to play that card. Whatever. Still loved all the foreshadowing, especially the part with Hurt going "YO, I'M SO EVIL AND I'M SCARED," and those last three pages with Dick and Damian, all I've got to say in regards to those are: fucking a. 


  1. This should retitled this book as Nightwing and Robin.
    They were the best partners, and everyone knows it.