Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPOILERS: The Flash #22

Oh Tim Drake, you poor victim of "yo, these lenticular covers have to be printed way ahead of time, but we can delay the issue for content changes."

The Spoilers:

I mean... I don't know how much there's left to spoil between the first issue of this arc and the Geoff Johns stuff that got announced in the middle of the night, Sunday. So... I mean... Reverse Flash sees Dr. Manhattan's giant blue radioactive dick, then dies an awful death. We knew that. Batman and Flash didn't get to see it though, but they were stuck in the timestream until Jay Garrick finally gets Barry to say his name, and he takes the two of them back to the Batcave. Unfortunately, Barry doesn't seem to be the "lightning rod" for Jay as he was for Wally, so Jay gets sucked back into the timestream and no one remembers him again.

The aftermath is Barry and Bruce not quite knowing what's going on other than nothing can be coincidental. Then when the Bat-signal is lit up, Bruce remembers his father's words and doesn't go to answer it, which is what Doctor Manhattan wants according to Geoff Johns, Batman out of the way.

Then we get that teaser, Manhattan, Superman, Doomsday Clock.

The Opinion: 

This was a kind of frustrating ending for a number of reasons. In terms of Rebirth, having Bruce and Barry just end on square one again, making no real progress, Jay not coming back for real, and this just being a tease to get to another teaser... just give me something, DC! Jesus. I guess we'll wait until November.

Then there's Tim. Oh Tim. A couple weeks ago James Tynion said that Detective Comics #956 would make it clear where it happened in relation to "The Button." Then, it didn't. So I figured that story just got saved for here, or because this issue was delayed, they couldn't spoil it in Tec... I mean, Tim Drake is on the fucking cover. HAHAHA. No. Nowhere to be found. And I can confirm that Detective #956 was changed, as sources have told me exactly what it was, which was Bruce saying that he knows Tim is alive. But I guess we've got to wait a bit more for that now.

So yeah, all in all... cool story, but it sort of doesn't go anywhere, which is frustrating, when nothing that we didn't already know gets revealed and we land back to "Only Geoff Johns can do the real shit that pushes the DCU as a whole forward" sort of storytelling. Oh well.

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