Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #956

One arc ends, another is teased, as is the way of life in comics.

The Spoilers:

So the long and short of it is that Shiva and her forces fight Cassandra and her friends. Of course, Shiva loses because good guys win and what not, but not in the cleanest of ways. Throughout the fight Shiva tries to put her daughter down, but Cass has self esteem now that's pretty unbreakable. Ultimately, Shiva is shot by Ra's al Ghul (Ra's holding an automatic weapon is perhaps... a bit strange to see). Shiva, who claims that all her movements were against Ra's (who had Maror Hady in his pocket) and whisper something to Cassandra before she appears to die. But Ra's straight up alludes to death and the League and how that's not really a thing, so... foreshadowing? Ra's takes Shiva and her forces in exchange for shutting down the bomb Shiva planned to detonate. Batman agrees, but warns Ra's that he's now seen something that he probably wasn't supposed to, and it isn't over between them.

Elsewhere, The Colony was about to use their nano napalm swarm, but Jacob saw that Kate was alive and aborted the mission, choosing his daughter over eliminating the League of Shadows. 

A week later, everyone is healing up, but Gotham is real tense. Batman doesn't forget what Ra's revealed to him and tells Kate that years ago he tried to table in the world of magic, something he shouldn't have done, but now it's time to use it against Ra's (Hi, Zatanna).

The Opinion:

While I think this arc left a lot of questions as to the "why any of this is happening" front, it did try and remedy that by having Shiva say this was all a move against Ra's, but that seemed really quickly delivered. That said, this book has shown itself to be playing the long game, so I'll grant it the trust needed. The main star of this arc was to redevelop Cassandra Cain, and it did that well. I'm honestly glad it just wasn't another arc that ended with a character leaving the team in one form or the other.

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