Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman #3

Comics may try, but it'll be pretty hard to top "best low key thing in an issue this week" with Julia's "creepy twin" bingo card taking that honor by a wide margin.  

The Spoilers:

Having a pretty solid idea that The Kali Corp. and The Many Hands of Death are one in the same, Kate walks in the front door and takes a meeting, claiming to want to buy the bar that once belonged to the now missing Safiyah. In said meeting, Kate plants a bug, gets some hints to Safiyah's fate (Mrs.) and then gets attacked by Knife, but not before learning that the Many Hands of Death plan to blow the island sky high, and that seems to be part of Knife's agreement with working for them.

Kate gets away, some time later, finds all sorts of explosives under the island, as well as Knife. Another fight! But Kate brought her back up in the form of her criminal friends from the island. Also says she had some hand in "making" knife.

The Opinion:

This issue felt really short. It just moved quickly, was pretty much two scenes, then it was done. Not all that fulfilling. While I can appreciate the different vibe this book has from other titles with "Bat" in the name, it's starting to feel pretty forgettable at this point. That's the problem with franchise characters in stories where everything is new and going for a more grounded story. There's no one recognizable to lean interest on, and if the story isn't going for some attention grabbing fantastical element, it better be something special in order to stand out in the overcrowded market... and it's just not. New characters, half of whom I don't even know their names, and situations that are all pretty cookie cutter. It's a good book, just the content (other than Epting and Cox's art) just doesn't stand out.

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