Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #23

I had a fucking asshole comic fan moment when I read "Brave and the Mold" and thought "Well, technically mold is part of the Rot, which wouldn't be Swamp Thing" and then I just shut myself up and self loathed for a bit.

The Spoilers:

So Alan Moore is singing a song about life and death, then gets shot in the head twice. Batman and Gordon are investigating the murder, but are coming up with nothing, because the man is practically a ghost. Turns out it's not actually Alan Moore, but Swamp Thing's birth father, which Swamp Thing proclaims after coming out of a sandwich. You know, comic stuff.

So after some discussion between Batman and Swamp Thing about parents and the cyclical nature of life and death, both men go to investigate the murder of Swampy's father. They start with Kite Man and end with Headhunter, who Swamp Thing swiftly kills as revenge. Clearly, Batman isn't happy about being used like that, but Swamp Thing leaves before Batman can get any solid reasoning out of him, so he's just left there yelling "Coward!"

The Opinion: 

So admitedly, I left a lot of finer details out of that write up in there, because like Sheriff of Babylon, which King and Gerads are most known for, there may be a simple point A to B as to what happens in this book, but it's the discussion between two characters that is the more detailed aspect of the issue. It gets pretty heady with Swamp Thing's life and death discussion, and his reasoning for being there and wanting to look into it. It's one of those issues that's better read than described... and clearly one that I can't describe well having read it early in the morning with only half a cup of coffee in me.

Batman and Swamp Thing in the Batmobile though... fantastic.

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  1. "Uh, Commish, we found Batman in a museum with a dead guy, yelling 'COWARD' to a clump of mud and moss."

    "Sigh. Is it Wednesday already?"