Wednesday, May 3, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #22

Flashpoint is still happening annnnnnnnnd it's gone!

The Spoilers:

So here we are, back in Flashpoint world. It was supposed to have died out when Barry fixed the timeline, but for some reason, it was preserved and Wonder Woman and Aquaman's forces are coming for Thomas Wayne when both Bruce and Barry appear in the Batcave. 

All parties are confused, but once things settle down, shit hits the fan again, and Barry gets back to repairing the cosmic treadmill while Bruce catches up with his father, for the first time ever. Not much catching up is down as the Atlantean and Amazon forces make their way into the cave, but Bruce and Thomas fight them off. 

Barry manages to fix the treadmill, but all the sudden whatever is holding that timeline together starts to fade. Having told Thomas that he's a grandfather, Bruce tries to get him to come back to their timeline, but Thomas pushes Bruce onto the leaving treadmill and tells Bruce one thing: Don't be Batman. Find happiness. Be a good father to his son. And with that, Bruce and Barry are gone, leaving Thomas ready to face oblivion, remembering the words he said to Bruce as he pulled him out of the cave all those years ago.

In the time stream, Bruce wants to go back, but Barry confirms that there's nothing left. Just then, they see Thwane, running through the time stream with the button, clearly before he met his death. Both Bruce and Barry try to get him to stop, but he's pretty headstrong in wanting to get at whatever it is that he's seen... About that.

The Opinion: 

The stuff between Bruce and his father was great. Masterfully illustrated by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson. Loved the specific part where Bruce mentions having a son, really emotional moment given all the subtext between Bruce being Batman and Thomas being Batman and those two in a room together. Could have easily been "there's this kid named Duke, he's pretty alright!" (I kid... but kind of not really). Outside of that, I'm sort of left asking why we took this detour? To be fair, both Bruce and Barry ask the same question. But it's just: Hey kids, Flashpoint's still a thing. Any hints as to whats going on? Not really. Now it's not a thing, bye. Just weird. That said, I liked the reminder that this isn't a universe, it's an alternate timeline, so this Thomas Wayne is our Batman's father, not some alt. Remembering this, it made their interaction that much more of a stronger read for me. Anyways, cool issue... I just wish all the answers (if we get any) were held for the last issue of this story.


  1. The one problem I have with this book is that you just KNOW they aren't taking the cowl off of Bruce, meaning the scene where Thomas tells him not to be Batman and to instead be a father will ultimately be pointless. Otherwise, I could totally see that as being the motivation for Bruce to finally hang up the cape and costume and let someone else take over.

  2. Bruce should have said, "But dad... I fight crime *with* my son. Sometimes."