Thursday, May 11, 2017

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10

Turns out the way to beat mind control is to focus on the bonds you've made with your friends... But maybe you should listen to your talking cat and go to bed. Don't do anything fun, just go to bed. You're tired... Need to go make some money? Too bad, you just came out of Mementos, and unless you got that Rank 10 Temperance, go to bed... What was I talking about?

The Spoilers:

Batgirl, Huntress, Nightwing and Green Arrow have... the random depowered villain whose name I can't remember, and are not the hunt for Blackbird and Black Canary. Nothing doing until BC is apparently spotted at the Watchtower. Doesn't take long for Babs to realize it's not Dinah, but a shape shifted Blackbird and Dinah is mind controlled.

Fast forward to the Birds just going "remember who you are and us to break free" to Dinah, and Helena getting her Hypnos implant activated to counteract Blackbird (creating the moment of the issue) and they win, Black Bird goes to Arkham. The end.

Well not really, cus there's the other stupid Oracle who is now out of pills and whoever is providing him the medicine is requesting a meet with the Birds, and now that the Birds trust stupid not Oracle, they agree to "help his friend," despite him feeling really bad about it.

The Opinion: 

The final splash text says "Things add up" or something "add up." You know... Add. Like what calculators do... Oh good god, not only are they sticking with this "should have been in the New 52 and forgotten with Rebirth" Oracle nonsense, but they're bringing the Calculator back, who I haaaaate simply because I got so tired of him in the original Birds series. So, shit. I don't know. I'm not in a great mood. 

"Hypnos, bitch" though. That was gold.

I just wish this book ditched the stupid Oracle and got better art. Right now, after a strong start, it's just 100% middling. 

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