Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #10

New arc, new artist, and quite honestly, my favorite part of this issue is probably the fact that Jordie Bellaire colored Rafael Albuquerque, which is a change form Dave McCaig (usually) and I find that interesting to look at.

The Spoilers

Hush is being chased down by Batman and Alfred in Miami. Why? Who cares, it's badass! Batman launches him self out of the bat mobile... there's helicopters... yep. Pretty awesome. Hush is finally captured, and Bruce has Alfred operate on his face to make him not look like Bruce Wayne anymore. Is Alfred a plastic surgeon? Nope! Bruce don't give a fuck. But why? Okay, here's why this time: Hush was bidding on something called the Genesis Engine in Miami, but Gotham baddies have a bad reputation and weren't allowed, so Hush was doing so as Bruce Wayne. 

So Bruce Wayne takes the appointment Hush had made for him, and meets with a man who claims to be a dependent of a pirate who I don't remember. Too bad for him, the pirates figured out Hush's plan and think Bruce is actually Hush, so they attack, Bruce deals with it as he does, but finds the man he was supposed to meet almost ritualistically killed in the short amount of time between when the gang opened fire and him being found. Unfortunately for Alfred, the hole in the man's chest resembles that of a symbol he's familiar with.

OH. By the way, the entire issue is cut with a flash back of two London cops chasing a masked punk telling him to go back to Gotham to his butler. Turns out it's actually a really young Alfred, and there that symbol is. 

Back up has Bruce infiltrating the russian mob. There's this bad ass looking lady who is probably bad. I don't know. 

The Opinion: 

Honestly, like I said, Jordie Ballaire's color work was my favorite part of this issue. I really enjoy her style, so seeing it applied to artists I haven't seen her work with before is always a treat... had the same feeling seeing her color David Finch over in Batman

Anyways, as for the story itself, really enjoyed it for the action oriented opening, the "that's sort of messed up" way Batman dealt with Hush, and then the promise of a really young Alfred story, which we don't really get. It definitely feels more like that first arc of the series which was also a solid arc with one artist. I liked the last arc and all, but the individual nature of each issue was hard to follow at times. This issue just returned to that fast pace bad ass tone that the Two-Face arc had, and I'm digging it. 

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  1. I like them acknowledging the best (read: only truly good) Hush story, Heart of Hush, and I'm interested in seeing where this goes with Alfred.