Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DC Announces Nightwing: The New Order

Coming hot off the heals of Dark Matter, DC goes in another direction I wouldn't expect today: Elseworlds. Today, DC announced that Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy will be bringing us a six issue Nightwing elseworlds in August titled Nightwing: The New Order. The run down is that Nightwing brought about a future where metahumans and super powers aren't a thing, but now the system he's built finds itself targeting his son, annnnnd go. Given recent happenings on the other side, Kyle Higgins was pretty quick to hit twitter to explain that no, Dick Grayson didn't commit genocide or anything.

I have a handful of thoughts on this, but most of them can be summed up to say this is surprising in more than one way. You'd almost expect this sort of idea coming out of Batman, but to have it stem from Nightwing is immediately interesting. I can't say that I'll be covering the book on the site (in depth, at least) given that my aim is to continue to scale back, but that said, I absolutely will be reading it.

(Source: DC Comics)

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