Monday, May 22, 2017

Batman Group August 2017 Solicitations

It's that time of the month again. Dark Nights kicks off with the Dark Multiverse, which had me skimming through Multiversity again when I first heard of it. Spyral is back in Nightwing. I wish Birds got a better artist. Eddy Barrows is on Batwoman now. Stephanie Brown makes more "oh, screw off" life decisions. Batgirl seems readable.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Detective Comics #957 Preview

The worst part about Tim stuff getting delayed, is that Stephanie is going to suck and be annoying that much longer.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Looking Forward: May 24th, 2017

Just one issue next week, followed by nothing the next, annuals and all that, so no regular issues.
  • Detective Comics #957: Welcome to Stephanie Brown's "I'm a bummer now" No Fun Club! The Wrath is here too. 
Solicitations next week. First issue of Metal should be in there, along with some Annuals for August I do believe. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPOILERS: The Flash #22

Oh Tim Drake, you poor victim of "yo, these lenticular covers have to be printed way ahead of time, but we can delay the issue for content changes."

SPOILERS: Batman #23

I had a fucking asshole comic fan moment when I read "Brave and the Mold" and thought "Well, technically mold is part of the Rot, which wouldn't be Swamp Thing" and then I just shut myself up and self loathed for a bit.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #3

Comics may try, but it'll be pretty hard to top "best low key thing in an issue this week" with Julia's "creepy twin" bingo card taking that honor by a wide margin.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Flash #22 Preview

Yes, yes, I'm sure we've all seen the spoilers by now. Yeah, my interest is piqued. A lot of cool shit to look forward to for DC in the future. Now back to Injustice!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Nightwing #21 Preview

I'll give this one a read, but I probably won't be writing about it on the site. Got to take the breaks when I can get them!

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Batman #23 Preview

Which is of better quality: CBR's YouTube channel or the images they upload for previews? Also, Tom King's use of Gordon reacting as any normal man would while Batman no-sells the ridiculous shit around him is great.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Looking Forward: May 17th, 2017

So, Detective Comics #956 got altered before release, and someone has already sent me what got changed... basically because Flash got delayed, they altered Bruce mentioning him. But Flash is here next week, and we'll get that news.
  • Batman #23: Before the Mister Miracle book, we get the Sheriff of Babylon team on Batman and Swamp Thing. I want that real bad. 
  • The Flash #22: (Psst, it's Tim)
  • Batwoman #3: Anyone find that opening scene in the preview with fruit really suggestive? Visually at least. I don't read previews, haha. Maybe this says something about me.
Skipping the Nightwing issue next week, it's an unannounced fill-in with Wally. I'll probably still read it, but hey, I want less work to do. 

I'll also be getting Injustice 2 next week, so I'll be playing plenty of DC Comics dress-up and make my pretty Batman.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Batwoman #3 Preview

Kate has hair again. 10/10.

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SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10

Turns out the way to beat mind control is to focus on the bonds you've made with your friends... But maybe you should listen to your talking cat and go to bed. Don't do anything fun, just go to bed. You're tired... Need to go make some money? Too bad, you just came out of Mementos, and unless you got that Rank 10 Temperance, go to bed... What was I talking about?

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #9

Final story arc, and things don't look good for the Detective Club.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #10

New arc, new artist, and quite honestly, my favorite part of this issue is probably the fact that Jordie Bellaire colored Rafael Albuquerque, which is a change form Dave McCaig (usually) and I find that interesting to look at.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #956

One arc ends, another is teased, as is the way of life in comics.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DC Announces Nightwing: The New Order

Coming hot off the heals of Dark Matter, DC goes in another direction I wouldn't expect today: Elseworlds. Today, DC announced that Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy will be bringing us a six issue Nightwing elseworlds in August titled Nightwing: The New Order. The run down is that Nightwing brought about a future where metahumans and super powers aren't a thing, but now the system he's built finds itself targeting his son, annnnnd go. Given recent happenings on the other side, Kyle Higgins was pretty quick to hit twitter to explain that no, Dick Grayson didn't commit genocide or anything.

I have a handful of thoughts on this, but most of them can be summed up to say this is surprising in more than one way. You'd almost expect this sort of idea coming out of Batman, but to have it stem from Nightwing is immediately interesting. I can't say that I'll be covering the book on the site (in depth, at least) given that my aim is to continue to scale back, but that said, I absolutely will be reading it.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Detective Comics #956 Preview

Got to love getting a bunch of these posts out of the way in one big swoop.

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Dark Days: The Forge Preview Art

Man... quite the art line up. This story is going fucking places. You don't even know... I don't even know... and I know? Places, man. Anyone who doesn't have a job to go to during the day figure out those numbers yet? Digits of Pi.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10 Preview

Get ::clap:: Shitty ::clap:: New ::clap:: Oracle ::clap:: Out ::clap:: Of ::clap:: Here ::clap::

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #10 Preview

HEY GUESS WHAT! Joker killed Jason *le gasp*

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Looking Forward: May 10th, 2017

Not going to cover this current Red Hood arc. Very not Jason focused. At least, not the A-plot. Maybe I'll bringing it up in a Stack Highlight down the line.
  • All-Star Batman #10: New arc, with Rafael Albuquerque on board, because we'll never see the conclusion to American Vampire.
  • Detective Comics #956: James Tynion IV said something about this issue definitely making it known where it happens in regards to "The Button" and I bet that means something with Tim, since his name is on the cover of The Flash #22.
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10: Big old team up with Green Arrow and Nightwing. 
  • Gotham Academy: Second Semester #9: Some shit went down last issue, that's for sure. Curious to see where it goes from here.
No The Flash #22 this week, that got pushed back to next. Bummer. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Batman #22 Preview

Having kept track of his twitter feed, I know Jason Fabok seemed to be burnt out by the end of Darkseid War and stepped away from monthlies, but god damn... I hope he comes back again at some point, because look at this.

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