Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stack Highlights, 04/30/2017

Hey, hi. It's me. I'm here to talk about comics. I've been binging on Persona 5 lately and just finished it, so figure I might as well do something else now that my life is so empty. Got three books I've been reading that I should probably take note of, and surprise... they're all Bat related.

It's interesting, I haven't picked up and stuck with a new Image book in a long time. Pretty much sticking to the mainstays like Saga, Deadly Class, Black Science, etc. The creator owned space is really over saturated right now and it's hard to really stick out and with all the changes DC has made lately, the needle has definitely gone back over there in terms of my reading priorities. Ups and downs, I guess.

Injustice 2

With Persona 5 in the books, Injustice 2 is the next major game on my radar, which is great... because I can pick up and play a fighter in short bursts unlike P5 which went straight to my veins. Anyways, with Tom Taylor returning to the digital tie-in prelude comic, I decided to jump back on, and sure enough it's back to its old tricks of bodies hitting floors. We got a murderous Batman, who I'm going to guess is Jason Todd, because it's about as on the nose as Arkham Knight was, so might as well be, plus his name comes up a lot in the game's community as one of the most wanted DLC characters. Anyways, my number one take away from this book is: Boy do I really want to see Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo take over the main Harley Quinn book. Harley was always the highlight of the first series, finding a great mix of the funny, crazy and sincere, and it seems Taylor's picked right back up. I've said it time and time before, but I think the Conner/Palmiotti Harley has really run its course and I could use a change of pace... Get Taylor and Redondo, send Harley back to Gotham, and profit. 

Batman/The Shadow

I literally know nothing of The Shadow, other than "it's a pulp property Dynamite has the license for." But, Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo is a hell of a creative team, so I decided to check it out, simply for the Batmans of it all. It was neat. Art looked fantastic, I'm just a real big fan of Rossmo's Batman for being so different. Story was pretty fast paced and had a real noir vibe to it, surprise there. So far it was pretty heavy on Shadow stuff, but with my bias, I'd like to see if they mix any other outside Batman characters into this as well. 

Super Sons

I technically covered this book in a Stack Rundown or two before I stopped doing the weekly posts, but never the less, Super Sons is legit. The book continues to be an absolute joy, and despite my displeasure with Damian and the whole idea of Robin basically being shunned from Gotham in a post-Rebirth continuity, this book scratches a pretty good itch. 

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