Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #19

A while back, I thought that the Hawkman book no one paid attention to would be a stealth Metal prequel. Turns out, probably not. This though, this seems important.

The Spoilers:

Dick and Shawn trace Dr. Hurt all the way back to Egypt. The good Doctor is on one of his crazy vision sprees, and long story short, Dick and Shawn end up in a tomb, Shawn almost gets a statue dropped on her, Dick fights Deathwing again.

Deathwing says some shit... Most of which I'm going to say will be important, especially about that dagger I picked up on last month, and how Dr. Hurt told him that it was from the other side of the universe. Thus explaining Dick seeing all these possibilities, and when he eventually cuts Deathwing with it, he instantly stops fighting and curls up into a little ball. He tells Dick that Dr. Hurt said something about the ritual requiring Dick watching Robin die at dawn, so Dick goes after Hurt as he leaves Deathwing in Shawn's care.

Dick eventually finds Hurt, who is rambling on like he does about the knife opening Dick's third site and him having to experience tragedy to be prepared for future shit. Dick, having arrived before dawn, thinks he's safe, but Dr. Hurt is enthusiastic and "dawn" is just a saying, revealing what looks to be a dead Damian and then Dick trips and falls into some weird shit I don't know what to explain.

The Opinion:

So this is getting weird and I'm pretty damn sure I was spot on about that knife, especially after what both Deathwing and Hurt say in the issue. It's got something to do with Metal and I'd bet money on it. As someone who really didn't want Dr. Hurt to come back, as he served his purpose for the specific story he was told in, I think the whole feel that this is something leading to something bigger facilitates me being okay with Hurt being back. That said, I feel like Dick's description of him as just some psychoanalytical nut who had a thing with Batman sells him infinitely short, but no one probably picked up on the Wayne ancestor fueled by some Darkseid shit thing. 

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  1. Calling him "Bruce's ancestor Thomas Wayne from the 18th century, a satanist who came into contact with and received supernaturally long lifespan from Darkseid's Hyper-Adapter bomb named Barbatos that was sent through time to chase and torment Batman, who later masqueraded as, among other things, a psychologist named Dr. Simon Hurt who performed psychedelic experiments on Batman and attempted to destroy the Wayne family name and Gotham City" probably would have been a bit confusing. But it definitely sells his character and backstory short. Which is why the character probably shouldn't ever have been revived, in spite of how awesome he is. If he is going to be reused, my hope is that he plays a significant part in bringing about Metal's dystopian future, similar to his role in the "666" vision from Batman Inc. Volume 2.