Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #18

The character I've said multiple times, probably should never return, actually returns... and I'm kind of into it... Also, I'm pretty sure there's a big Metal tease in this issue.

The Spoilers:

With the help of "Robin" aka Robintron, Dick and Damian find their way to Pyg's "opening" where he's keeping Shawn, and a fight begins. Meanwhile, Deathwing, who is being held by Robintron, plays as if he's snapped out of it, but it's just a ploy for Robintron to release him, leading to Deathwing putting the "Death" in his name to good use.

When all is said and done, Pyg goes down, but not without some of his usual rantings and ravings, which could be laced with a few hints (amidst the PCP). When Dick is reunited with Shawn, Damian gets grossed out and spots the Batmobile flying away, so he goes after it, falling into Deathwing's trap, and yet another party ends up shooting him in the back of the head... this should sound familiar. Said party has a big hard on for breeding Dick's true potential through tragedy, stuff to come, yadda yadda.

Dick and Shawn bring Pyg outside in search of Damian, but then find Robintron's body, with no Damian in sight. Demanding to know who or what happened to Damian, Dick gets a name he probably didn't want to hear out of Pyg: Simon Hurt. 

The Opinion: 

I really fucking wish that cover for issue #19 wasn't revealed earlier. Would have marked out so hard at that last page reveal. To be fair, kind of did when I saw the cover. Great issue though, lots of nods to Morrison, obviously, which I'll eat right up. Art was split between Fernandez and Jung, the latter of whom has a more... "refined?" but not in a "this is better than that" but in a "these characters are portrayed without as many specific visual interpretations," style... sorry.... but I thought the two styles clashed just a tad bit, but it was fine overall. 

THE (potentially) BIG thing I want to bring up is this:

When Dark Days was announced, Tim Seeley retweet a news story to it coyly asking if the visions Dick had been seeing in Nightwing #16 had potentially anything to do with the announcement. Now if you'll remember, those visions were brought upon by Deathwing cutting Dick with his blade. What are blades made from? Metal. In this issue, Dick examines the blade, making note that there is something different about it and it's not normal. Then take into account that Scott Snyder specifically said he'd be pulling from Morrison for Metal, and this is just about the most Morrison-ass issue of Nightwing you can get... On top of that, there's plenty of "what's coming" talk from Pyg, Hurt, Deathwing... 

So take that all into account and I'm going to suggest this: That blade is made from Nth metal, or whatever it is that Bruce finds that scares him so much. Those visions that Dick had could easily have come to Bruce as well if he found himself in a similar situation with that metal. Book it.


  1. Literally, when I saw Hurt on that final page, I had that reaction that people have when they see their worst nightmare they thought they were rid of forever appear right before their eyes. I actually had a good laugh at myself for that, but still, great reveal.

  2. I've never been a fan of Dr. Hurt. He's kind of one-note. Even compared to Snyder's shadowing of Morrison with Thomas Wayne Jr/Lincoln March. I preferred to think of him as buried and suffocated to death by the Joker in one of the few parts of Morrison's run I liked.