Thursday, April 13, 2017

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #8

Okay, so this issue easily made up for the slow start I felt this volume had... unfortunately, with this issue comes news of the series finale coming in August.

The Spoilers:

So here's a big info dump of Gotham lore. Amity Arkham was burned at the stake in the settlement that would eventually become Gotham, by a mob with many familiar names, even that of her own family. While Amity burned, she cursed every man and woman who lead her to her fate, as well as their children, and their children's children. 

Amity had one friend in the world, and that was Pomeline Fritch's ancestor. When Amity burned, Alienor Frych hid her daughter away, to be raised by the Silverlocks. Alienor also wrote down the names of all who burned Amity, and that's the book Bookworm and Pom were after. 

All while this is happening, Olive is having an Amity freak out in front of everyone top side. Pom and Colton escape, grab the book and head up to find Olive. Pom manages to calm Amity down, with the spirt recognizing the crest on the medallion Pom always wears. Pom gives her the book she found, but turns out that's a bad idea, because Amity reads all the names of those who burned her... Cobblepot. Dent. Kyle. Wayne. With Amity distracted, Batman tries to capture her, but only ends up driving her away, with a new found sense of revenge fueled determination.

As the whole group is at a bit of a loss, the Headmaster regrets taking Olive in, and when Professor MacPherson tells him that Olive deserved a chance, he fires back saying that Gotham will pay for it.

The Opinion: 

Like, holy shit, this is what I felt was missing in the first arc of the series. Who cares about Witch Club? This is what I wanted and boy did it deliver. With all the Gotham heavy stuff, I really feel no need to justify why I liked this issue so much, it should be painfully obvious. With all that lore and then the big turn it takes, man... great issue. Too bad it's the signal of the end.

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