Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #954

Memory being fudged with? Backwards speaking? So that's why Zatanna was in upcoming solicitations.

The Spoilers:

Shit's gone well South for the winter, Batman's team is MIA, the Colony is breaking Jacob Kane out (as well as Armstrong taking a liking to Tim Drake's old Robin suit) and Ra's has infiltrated the Batcave. 

Even with Ra's trapped in Batman's electro cage, or whatever, he doesn't feel trapped at all. When Batman demands information on the League of Shadows, Ra's basically said they were his sect of the League that went out and did his dirty work, that the League of Assassins wouldn't even touch (that's how I read it, at least) and then Shiva took them rogue, out of his control. 

But that's not the juicy bit. Three times Batman came close to learning the truth, and three times Ra's had Batman's memory erased. Batman asks Ra's how he knows Ra's didn't erase anything else, and Ra's simply explains that he doesn't. When Batman lets Ra's out, turns out that was a baddish idea, because Ubu lowers the cave's defenses, and Ra's pulls some Tajiri shit with some green mist to the face, leaving Batman paralyzed, an offering of peace towards the League of Shadows. But before Shiva can enter the cave to take Batman, Ra's whispers into his ear "Remember the Shadows," only backwards, suggesting he learned the trick from an old friend of Batman's (Zatanna, duh), then tells the Detective to "end" it. 

With Batman out of the picture, Shiva and the League of Shadows feel it free to continue on with their plan, while the Colony prepares to raze the entire city. Enter Cassandra Cain into the League's hidden base, two swords in hand, a trail of bodies behind her.

The Opinion: 

You can't spell "Batman gets his memories messed with" without Zatanna! Something like that. I enjoy "ohhh, so that's why that's a thing" sort of moments like that. On the surface level, Batman having his memory messed with is a little "been there, done that," but when you start to factor in that within the past year, each of the trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman have had their pasts fucked with, then this might be a little bit of a bigger thing than "Someone said some backwards shit to Batman, he found out, now he mad" sort of deal. So that's cool. Still a little iffy as to what the League of Shadows' aim is here. Ra's mentions some typical bad guy world domination stuff, but at the end of the day that pretty much ends up being:

Invade Gotham + ??? = WORLD DOMINATION (!?)


  1. Ra's is playing the long game (as he is wont to do). He clearly intends Batman to resolve his issue with Shiva himself and that phrase he whispered is to help move that along, while appearing to appease her with Batman's capture.

    At least he didn't whisper "Zur-En-Arrh".

  2. Mr. Fuji shit, not Tajiri shit. Mr. Fuji did it first.