Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman #2

What's one more international assassination group? No... they're not a league. They're a corporation. Totally different!

The Spoilers: 

So, the island whose name I forget when it's time to type (Cornaya?) is basically a modern day pirate haven, where Kate's former lover, Safiyah kept the peace between the warlords, and those warlords kept the outside world out. Through narration and an encounter with the assassin, a former acquaintance of Kate and Safiyah, Knife (lady not he cover), we find out that the little outlaw paradise all came to an end when Kate messed it all up somehow.

The former warlords of the island come to Kate's rescue and later inform her that Safiyah is missing, and it wasn't governments that infiltrated the island, it was corporations, mainly the Kali Corporation. Whose that? Well we meet them, and there's this lady and there's this man... oh also, knife is there, and they're totally the Many Hands of Death, weapon dealers and assassins and all that. 

The Opinion: 

On one hand, it's hard for me to get invested in another Bat something character going to war with another clandestine organization, especially a new one. I've gotten a lot of that over the past couple of years, so that trope doesn't exactly excite me. That small issue aside, I'm really starting to appreciate this book for it's totally different vibe. I know last month I said something about being torn about Gotham characters going out of Gotham, but despite that, the setting is used to just create a different feel than something set in Gotham, and I can appreciate that. Also, don't need to say this because it's a given fact, but shit man... Steve Epting. 

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