Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #21

Wel... I hope no one had any strong attachments to the Reverse Flash.

The Spoilers:

There's a hockey game in Gotham, and Saturn Girl watches from Arkham. Being from the future, she recognizes this game as the one where "they kill him" and starts freaking out.

Back in the Batcave, Batman is watching the game and flipping the button through his fingers. When it gets near the Psycho Pirate's mask, it reacts and Bruce sees a vision of his father from Flashpoint, and immediately calls the Flash, who says he'll be over in one minute. 

Seconds later, Bruce senses Barry, but it's the Reverse Flash instead, recently having remembered Flashpoint and out for Revenge. He then proceeds to beat the ever living shit out of Bruce for the next minute. When he approaches the button, a blue flash appears, taking Reverse Flash away somewhere, and almost instantly he appears back in the cave, disintegrating, saying he had seen god. 

Barry, who was a few seconds late, having tried to save the man at the hockey game (oh yeah, there was a fight, one guy died), shows up in the cave to find Bruce beaten and bloody, next to Thwane's skeleton. 

The Opinion: 

So this stuck out to me in the preview, but Bruce just throws the button on the table. World's greatest detective, big mystery, just throws evidence around. It just seems thoughtless. Weird little nitpick, but still. Then, and having a fist fight with the Flash, except the Reverse one what likes the murder, seems ill-advised as well.

All that being said, this was the start of a story I can already tell is going to give me a lot more of what I was looking for out of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Rebirth-y as shit! Jason Fabok's art was fantastic too, taking great care with the detail, laying most pages out in a Gibbons-inspired 9 panel grid. Made me wish Fabok was up for more regular work again, as I think he by far stands above most of the DC artists in modern superhero-type art style. Don't get me wrong, Lee, Reis, Finch, Mahnke, I like them all... but Fabok has really outshined them these last couple of years.


  1. Ditto. Art was great.
    GS, do you think that Reverse-Flash is truly dead, considering he's in the next major flash arc after this?

  2. The longest minute of Batman life. Lmao

  3. I like that, despite being clearly outclassed by Reverse Flash, Batman managed to at least get a few blows in.

  4. Time travelers are never really dead. They can always be plucked from a point in the timeline before they died (which is what the CW shows are doing with Thawne even now).

    Thawne looks an awful lot like Barry Allen in Crisis on Infinite Earths when he returns. Doubt that was unintentional.