Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #9

All I'm going to say is: Ra's al Ghul looks pretty damn good in a suit.

The Spoilers:

Surprise! Ra's al Ghul is behind everything! But... I knew that and you could have too if you saw that variant cover revealed like a month and a half ago! Anyways, the three tests Ra's put Batman through were his interpretations on how the world could end, but now he's enacting his own form of "The world cannot sustain the population so time to kill off millions" through all the various forms of science in this arc, that I don't feel like explaining here.

It looks like Ra's' snipers run Bruce off the road, but turns out that was Selina using the cloaking tech the "Blackhawks" used on Bruce. Speaking of Bruce, he's hitting Ra's in the back of the head with a big champagne bottle. The two fight, ideology is exchanged, but in the end, Ra's activates his doomsday weapons, shoots Bruce in the head, Duke gets killed off panel. 

Ra's is pretty happy... Only that the champagne bottle Ra's got hit with? Laced with Hatter tech Bruce stole too. So while Ra's is in his own little happy fantasy land, Bruce is undermining everything he was told and comes back from the "dead" to fight Ra's once more. He gets away, world is saved, hooray.

In the back-up... man, things turn weird. Turns out there's something about Duke's biology that isn't exactly human? I don't know, the way this issue was talked about, it was said that Duke's place in the world would be clear, but it seem like those answers my have been moved to the Dark Days series, because... I think he's Daredevil now?

The Opinion: 

Duke confusion aside, I really liked this issue. Said it above, but man I really liked Jock's depiction of Ra's in a suit. Reminded me a lot of Batman Begins... kind of prefer it a lot more to Ra's' usual ornate robes and what not. Outside of the art, this was one of those classic Snyder issues where it's a twist wrapped up in a twist. It was cool to see Ra's summarize how he used all those villains in his plan, and equally cool to see how Batman turned them all against him. Points for the Catwoman cameo as well.


  1. So basically, Batman beat Ra's by Black Mercying him? lol

  2. If they were going to use a Bat villain to help Batman out, it should have been Clayface, since he's now working with Batman and could disguise himself as Bruce while the real one saved Duke. Also, what was the deal with the Blackhawks?

    I love Snyder's Batman stuff, but I felt like, as with a few other storylines, the ending kind of tripped over itself with its messy plotting in this issue. Besides which, if there was a big "dead spot" in the US, other heroes would be on this case, too.