Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stack Rundown, 03/14/2017

Hey look, I made it. Had a snow day, go figure. Like I said on Twitter, this series of posts is on hiatus. I've got a long term project at work that requires some weekends, so that obviously takes priority. Can't say I can see myself doing this post regularly that much anymore.

Action Comics #975

Honestly, Myxlplyx is probably the most boring reveal you could have here. He’s one of those characters that to me, is just uninteresting. He can do anything. Great. So you could make up any story you want with him and slap him in. Awesome. His limitless nature just makes him dull to me for some reason. I also wonder how much about Rebirth this is actually going to do… Suicide Squad vs Justice League had a whole bunch of rebirth hype built around it and it didn’t quite deliver. 

Deathstroke #14

I’m confused on how Slade went blind. Was it the shit that he got injected with? Then I went down a deep New 52 hole of who this girl was, then I remembered it was New 52 Power Girl… then I had to figure out just how the heck that happened. New 52 was weird. 

The Flash #18

Boy this doesn’t mesh well with the current Suicide Squad arc, does it?

Justice League of America #2

Real disappointed to see fill in art this early. This issue just looked… wonky, in some spots. Still cool and all the character dynamics continue to sell the book.

Suicide Squad #13

Would someone mind telling me who “The People” are. This issue just kept saying that name over and over again like it had been a thing for the past couple of issues and I went back and skimmed through, didn’t see a god damn thing. Is it the russian group they attacked? Also, I guess I was wrong about Flagg. Whoops. 

Titans #9

I was down on this book a bit last month, but now I’m back? I don’t know. Maybe the crossover with Teen Titans and Deathstroke has energized me. Still think all the villains in this book are kind of laaaaaaame though. 

Wonder Woman #18

I like how the two arcs feature the juxtaposition of Barbara turning into Cheetah for the first time and then in the prior issue, turning into Cheetah again. Tragic storytelling, hooray! I mean… not hooray, but you get it. 

Motor Crush #4

This book continues to really drape on the layers of mystery and it keeps on proving to be way more than I thought it would be. Really, really cool so far. 

The Wicked The Divine #27

This book is still going strong… I don’t know. Great darkness, lots of characters up to shit, so on and so on. 

Low #16

Jumping back into this one after a couple months off was great… until you realize it’s a flashback and it’s kind of frustrating because man did the last arc end on some shit.

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  1. The stack rundown will be missed. I have picked up quite a few books and loves them based on this post. Omega men was an example of something I had no intention of reading but after your stack rundown I grabbed it and absolutely loved it