Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stack Rundown, 03/05/2017

Yet another Image books I read comes to an end, yet an old favorite has a new beginning, which was pretty weird, but pretty good? We'll see how that goes. Also, Rebirth stuff is happening in Superman.

Superman #18

My guess is Superboy Prime. As in, that’s who I think other Clark is. Someone pointed out some shit that went down in the last issue of Action Comics I didn’t read, how he was erratic, obsessive and creepy. Yeah, going with Prime. Geoff Johns did seed all this stuff, after all. Other than that, this was the typical “Oh shit, thing is happening, what is thing?!” issue. So we get two more issues of everyone going in circles and then the fourth will go “here is thing, we make more questions now!” ending. Can you tell I’ve read a lot of comics?

Midnighter and Apollo #6

Surprise, Midnighter and Apollo make it out of hell, they still like each other, and are totally into killing fools who deserve it. You know what kind of surprised me, the light swearing in this book. They dropped “asshole” a bunch, and some other ones if I remember correctly. Very un typical DC. Also, I gave a big “WHOA NOW” to the “back of your head” comment. Then laughed, because that’s silly. 

Green Arrow #18

I don’t know if I admire this book for being so on the nose with the ripped from the headlines story or want to groan at it. It’s a fine line, but if you’re going to reestablish Oliver Queen as a bleeding heart liberal, there’s probably never been a better time to do it with a whole lot of potential source material to go from. Anyways, we’re reintroducing Roy into post 2011 continuity for like the third or fourth time I feel like. Totally forgot he was raised by a Native American tribe, so got reminded of that. Thought the Queen industries sponsoring the pipeline thing was a nice little twist on the headline.

Rat Queens #1

The Saga of Rat Queens is so fucking strange. So much drama went into the first volume, and then it disappeared for a while. Now it’s back, and it’s WEIRD. I almost didn’t give it a shot, but figured what the hell, and came to find that it was entertaining, but also awkwardly not addressing the elephant in the room. In terms of that elephant, I’m not even talking about the out of book drama, which I don’t expect to be addressed in the book, but just how the first volume ended. That last arc got so fucking far away from the joy that the first stories produced, all while telling a deeper story. It just got fucking depressing, characters went haywire and on top of all that, it was just structurally poor as well. Dropped it with no intention to come back if that was where it was going… Now it’s back, and everyone is pretending it didn’t happen. Like, Hannah, who took a huge “I’m evil now so I’m going to shave my head” heel turn, just back with the Queens, hair and all, no one talking about it. For some reason her dad is back too and making everyone pancakes or some shit. Everything is joyus and happy… and it’s fucking weird! Like don’t get me wrong, it recaptured the humor that I missed from that last half of the book, but it seemingly did so at the expense of telling a serious story, which I did enjoy. Then again it is just the first issue, maybe something will be addressed… like they’re all dreaming. yeah, I don’t know… Weird, weird, weird. 

Nailbiter #30

I honestly think one Image book I read has ended every week for the past three or four weeks. Bye bye Nailbiter. I really enjoyed this series, and while it perhaps teased too much with too little answer throughout the years of its publication, boy did it deliver real late in the game. The revelation that there was no science behind Warren, he was just sort  of a sick fuck, was probably the best thing that story could have done. For awhile it seems like he was turning a leaf and the book was going to redeem him, but nope. Sick fuck. Then we end on the most horror movie ending ever.

Paper Girls #12

So that’s one way to end your book, that’s for fucking sure. Hey, you’re bleeding, not in the injured way, but in the teenage girl way. END. In other news, hey, it’s another issue of Paper Girls where strange shit is going on and I’ve got no idea what the big picture is, but boy does it look nice and gets by with all the crazy shit. Is this what Stranger Things is like? Never seen it, but all I can tell is that one has kids and weird shit happening in it too, so I feel like I’m right?

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  1. "Midnighter and Apollo" gets a trophy for "Best Alan Moore Reference" by restaging the end of "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?", that's for sure.