Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stack Highlights: 03/26/2017

Okay, so we're changing things up here. Stack Rundown: Dead. I don't want to write something about every single issue I read in a week. I don't got time for that anymore, and more often than not, I don't have much unique to say about a particular issue that differentiates it from the previous in the series, and it just ends up making me rush through comics so I have everything read by Sunday morning.

So instead, I'm going to replace Rundown with Highlights, which will see me only highlight the issues of the week I actually feel like I have something to say, or they caught my attention for a particular reason. This won't be weekly, because I can't guarantee every week will feature an issue or two that catches my attention in a particular way. So it's more of a "whenever the hell I feel like it" sort of schedule, which suits me pretty well at this point.

Good? Good.

This week, the two issues I actually have something say about are Action Comics #976 and The Flash #19. Why those two? Because Rebirth got real with those two issues.

Up until now, Rebirth has been a lot of teasing as to what was to come. I thought Justice League vs. Suicide Squad was going to have some shit go down, but all it did was tease just a little bit more. Action Comics went in and did the crazy thing I thought DC would have to be absolutely crazy to do: Merge Pre-New 52 and the New 52 universes together. Yep. Superman was split into two. When? I don't know. Flashpoint? And now they're back through some shit. Everything that happened in the past and everything that has happened since 2011 is now one continuity. How? Fuck it, I don't know. But it's certainly a step in the right direction to giving the fans back what they want, in bulk. How this will effect other books? I don't know, initially I thought it was just Superman and others were to follow, but based on some interviews, it now seems as if it was actually the two universes merging at a focal point. Mr. Oz sure seems to think so.

The other book, The Flash possibly has the first repercussion of the events of Superman Reborn that takes place outside the Superman titles. Really, it's only the final scene where the Reverse Flash breaks free, in his old look, and claims to remember everything from Flashpoint, thus seeking out Bruce Wayne for his revenge (and leading to the crossover next month.) Now initially, I thought this was a pretty random occurrence. Like... "Well that was a convenient bolt of light night that just fixed everything." BUT! If you make the logical conclusion that the events of Superman: Reborn were happening concurrently, you can theorize that the merging of the two universes also gave the Reverse Flash back his knowledge of the old universe, and thus, we've got the first problem caused by Superman: Reborn.

All in all, this week really seemed like it was Rebirth moving past the talking and got to walking. Hell, if all turns out well from a story perspective, DC could spin this as "We never meant for the New 52 to be the permanent continuity, naaaaaah buddy, this was the plan all along, all those poor decisions were a story to be told! We totally got you!" And I mean... sure, whatever, just give me back the universe I really loved.

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  1. Good idea with the stack highlights. Also, yeah, that DOES seem a little too big a coincidence with how he came back at the exact same time that everything with Superman happened. Makes me wonder what else is about to happen.