Thursday, March 9, 2017

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Origin issue! Sort of... and god damn it, again... teasing me with only one issue of Kenneth Rocafort... and Guillem March on variant covers to boot! Maaaaaaan... I need more DC books from both those guys.

The Spoilers:

Jason and Artemis bust some heads in a bar, pour some drinks and Jason finally gets to hear Artemis' story. 

Basically, she was part of an exiled group of Amazons who found refuge in a sacred land near Qurac. Artemis and her best friend (in the heavily implied Amazon sense) Akila were real close, but Akila was destined to be chosen as some protector or something. After Akila disappeared, Artemis went on her own to live in solitude. 

Sometime later, the nation of Qurac managed to breach an ancient sandstorm and attack her new homeland, and when Artemis gets back, she sees Akila with the Bow of Ra, clearly not her self. It's at this point where Wonder Woman appears and reveals that Akila had used to bow the set the city on fire. Akila had been corrupted and ended up killing everybody, so Diana and Artemis have to stop her. 

Thats that. Diana thought the bow disappeared, so did Artemis for a time, but she now knows better. That's why she's after the bow in the next arc. 

The Opinion:

Again... I love Kenneth Rocafort's art. I need more of it back in my life. This isn't fair. Anyways, really enjoyed this issue, especially given that if I was to say in general, outside of this book, I have never cared about Artemis in my life. She continues to come off bad ass and her just roasting Jason has become one of my favorite bits in this book month in and out. I'll totally eat the crow on this one, but Lobdell has really defied the low expectations I had coming into this book, and has produced quite the entertaining little story out of it.

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