Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #17

With any luck, we'll get some pretty messed up stipteases preformed for children! ...without context, that sounds really fucked up. To be honest, even with context it isn't exactly kosher.

The Spoilers: 

Dick and the increasingly insecure Damian find their way to France where the clues lead them, and find themselves within the crypt of Richard I, where Damian detects a body within a tomb. 

Dick thinks it's Shawn, but it's not, it's Deathwing, whose got a weird sense of self, believing him to be what Nightwing is to become. And he goes out there. Dispatching Damian into a tomb, Deathwing tags Nightwing with his blade and here's where shit gets weird.

Dick starts tripping balls. Deathwing tells him about something to come, and Dick sees himself, int he multiverse and well... he can't handle it. While Damian attempts to free himself, another Robin attacks Deathwing in order to help. This is like the Deathwing version of Robin, skin mask and all, thinks he's Damian too.

ANYWAYS, it's all weird. And with all the B&R allusions, weirdness and the cover of the next issue, it should be apparent whose behind this: Pyg. He's got Shawn, having fallen for her art, and time is running short.

The Opinion: 

I am a Morrison Batman and Robin mark, and this issue ticked all those boxes for me. Acknowledging that time would be enough for me, but bringing Pyg into the fold is just gravy. I feel super dense not figuring out that Deathwing was a creation of Pyg, even though he's on the next freaking cover. I always figured Deathwing was some weird independent entity. Either way, totally okay with this. Pyg really hasn't been used all that well since Morrison, so if Seeley, who clearly has a love for the Morrison Batman stuff, wants to make Pyg part of Nightwing's rogue gallery, by all means, do so. 

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