Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #16

It wouldn't be a return to classic continuity without the sexual misadventures of Nightwing!

The Spoilers:

Dick's life is going great, he's got a girlfriend and an erection! What could go wrong?!

Turns out a lot, especially since his girlfriend got kidnapped last issue, because of course. She also had something to tell him, but didn't quite get it out. Meanwhile while he's having his whole career renaissance, Damian is having a mid-mid... mid-life crisis about his legacy and Grayson potentially stealing it from him.

He goes to confront Dick, who brushes it off until he gets a voice mail from Shawn telling him that she's late, like late late, it's at this point Dick tears Damian down a peg or two and goes to find Shawn. Too bad she's gone and there's a hint left for Dick where she's been taken. Damian figures out what's going on, offers his assistance.

Hey, Deathwing is here!

The Opinion:

Dick shutting down Damian's hissy fit was pretty great. No idea where I stand on the whole "Dick potentially having a kid" thing. I mean... quite honestly, surprised it hasn't happened before... actually now I'm just going to guess that it has and I've forgotten it. Remember that Nightwing story where Jason Todd turned into a plant monster? 


Three things could happen. Nightwing has a kid, and that's weird. Something bad happens, and I take cover while wishing Tim Seeley well. Or finally, there is no kid, but Dick says something fucking stupid before finding that out and that's the end of the relationship. I don't know. It's strange. This story arc is already more complicated than I figured. Hell, we got Professor Pyg to get to in an issue or two. 

I do enjoy having Fernandez back on art. His style definitely grew on me, and while I like Marcus To, I'm starting to prefer Fernandez's stylized look more. 

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  1. Honestly, it'd be a little weird, but...I would be interested in the idea of Dick expecting to be a father. And yeah, unless it turns out to be a false positive, if she really is pregnant and we don't get a kid out this...Well, good luck, Mr. Seeley, because the fans are likely to hunt you down after that. O_O lol