Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #5

Things continue to be weird and I'm left just wanting a little exposition at the very least.

The Spoilers:

Violet and her new not-so-friend Pretty continue to try and take down the remnants of the Gather House, but the first night they go out, it seems there's too many guards and that makes Violet real mad... I guess? Kind of had a hard time figuring out that scene. Then the second night, Pretty wants to kill the Gather House dude's kid, which is a line Violet isn't going to cross and she knocks the shit out of Pretty. 

Then there's something with her mom and Ratcatcher. 

The Opinion:

So here's the thing, I like the idea of Violet's backstory, now that we're getting to the meat of it. A school that experiments on children, creating all sorts of fucked up people is a great origin for a hero and has limitless potential for a supporting cast and villains. The problem I'm having with this book is that in the present, I'm having a hard time figuring out what the point is here. Everything is being played real close to the vest and I'm left trying to figure out what people's deals are, who these characters are, what happened to the other characters that suddenly aren't in the book, and so on. Now, some of that is being filled in slowly, like midway through this issue I was trying to remember what Violet's deal with cybernetic implants were or whatever... The only thing I could remember was that they were mentioned in a pitch and there's this doctor with her? But then it was sort of explained in a flashback and I was left conflicted. I'm sort of rambling, long and short of it is that this book is operating on a slow burn I don't think it has earned, and through slowness and confusion, I'm losing interest fast. 

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  1. I did like the tie to McDuffie's "Look" in the backup. (Plus it's always good seeing Phil Hester's art in the DC Universe!)