Thursday, March 9, 2017

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #4

New arc, new artist, and still... a lot of questions to be had.

The Spoilers:

Shortly after the bombing of a newly opened museum, Violet Paige appears on a Gotham talkshow, in a calculated media appearance to make people hate her. Sure. Point is, the guy whose museum blew up appears on after her, and she recognizes his voice. Turns out it's the guy who recommended the horrible "boarding school" her brother sent her to. So now Violet has a new target... and in his office she comes across the guy named "Pretty" who blew up the museum (he was experimented on? and he looks too good?), they both realize they're from the same school and off to blowing up shit they go. 

Also, Ratcatcher shows up at the end for some reason?

The Opinion: 

First thing's first, I like Shawn Crystal's art quite a bit more. I like Tommy Lee Edwards fine, but I find his stuff sort of busy at times. I don't know if they're just switching off for arcs, but these next few issues with Crystal should be to my liking. 

In terms of story, this issue definitely had a better cohesive story to tell. That first arc I really didn't figure out what Violet was going for, but the start of this arc couldn't be more clear. My only issue is that because I was sort of left out in the cold by the first arc, I was sort of expecting it to continue this issue? I wasn't sure it "ended" last time around, so I'm left wondering about that dude she "kidnapped," the other dude she was hunting, and the artist lady. Just didn't seem like there was a clean break between arcs. Other than that, between the art and direct story, liked this issue quite a bit.

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